Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Catcher Ever (No, not Piazza)

Aloha, everybody, 

Today is Johnny Bench's birthday.  Let's honor the GOAT by showing off some of my favorite Johnny B cardboard. 
Well, the favorites from my small PC. 

I can't start off with a Benc RC, because of course, I don't have one yet. The earliest my collection goes is this 1969 beauty...

Then comes 1971 Topps

 Digging that old-time batting helmet. 

Jumping to 1974 Kellogs 3D - with a midsection crack that just grazes Johnny's chin. Scars are sexy! 

Batting cleanup is my favorite Bench card of all time, 1975 Topps. Shoutout to Ana Lu - Crazy dust!!

A big hole in my collection makes us jump to 1980 Topps (stirrups alert!)

From 1981 Topps...

From the Hockey Sticks set, 1982 Topps. Johnny looking like he ate the last cookie.

This is the last card I have from Johnny B's playing days, 1983 Topps. It features Bench in a great shot, displaying the posture that struck fear in so many pitchers - across both leagues...

Finally, a few of my favorite Bench tribute cards...

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary 

1985 Circle K with a great shot of Bench (at Riverfront Stadium?) 

Finally, a beautifully designed card with Bench's career stats on the rear, Upper Deck 2001 Upper Deck Legends...

Happy Birthday, Johnny B! 


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cool Custom Baseball Art (and an OPWE update)

Aloha, everybody, 

I was recently treated to some samples of custom baseball artwork from an outfit you may know...Gypsy Oak. 

If you're not familiar with Gypsy Oak, or Jeff, the artist, I'll let his work do the talking...

On the face of this art stamp is Henry "Hi" Meyers. Meyers is an extra special player for me to receive art about, since he goes way back in the rosters of Brooklyn. 

He goes so far back that he's a pre-Dodger. Meyers played for the Brooklyn Superbas/Robins. His claim to fame was leading the NL in RBIs in 1919. Atta boy, Hi! 

Bonus: Meyers is portrayed in a cool blue checkerboard uniform. 

As the story tells on the rear, these art stamps are associated with Baseball History and Art Magazine. You can go online and check out a digital sample mag. It's worth the time. 

As you can see with the Meyers art stamp, Jeff is a very good artist. He also creates art cards, prints, and wood engravings of baseball greats from the centuries gone by. 

You can check out - and purchase -  more of Jeff's work at . You can also see his work on Twitter: @Gypsyoak

Jeff was generous enough to also send these...

I'm not sure what these are, but the text leads me to believe they're game cards. I'm glad Campy got the Home Run card. 

Cool stuff, right? They're all great additions to my collection, with the added bonus of being custom artwork and repping Brooklyn. 

THANKS, Jeff. Your generosity is much appreciated. 

Here's the OPWE update: A batch of packages went out today, so if you see your zip code below, keep your eyes on your mailbox, as Cardboard Santa is on his way with some goodies.

There are still a couple more packages left to go!