Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Night Owl Box O' Dodgers - The 70's And 80's


Continuing on with the highlights from the box of Dodgers cards sent to me from the biggest Dodger fan on the East coast, Night Owl. 

Today we cover cards from the 70's and 80's...

 Leading off is the best third baseman the L.A. Dodgers ever had. The Penguin is a World Series MVP, a genuinely friendly person, and can still be found walking around Dodger Stadium today. 

Below is my favorite of all Ron Cey's cards...



 Manny Mota's card rocks because of the fantastic old-time Dodger Stadium background. We get the legendary palm trees known as The Three Sisters and those multi-colored pavilion benches. 

Derrel Thomas wasn't a superstar, but was very solid for a couple of seasons. 

Speaking of solid, below are a couple of past Dodger mashers...

Dusty pre-toothpick days
Next time - The 90's and 00's.

Monday, September 22, 2014

My New Post At Lasorda's Lair

Aloha everyone,

Just a newsflash that I've posted a new story over at Lasorda's Lair.

"The Betrayals Of Chavez Ravine And Los Angeles Dodger Fans"

 The topic is the betrayal of baseball fans by the Dodger - Time Warner Cable TV contract that created the Great Dodger Blackout of 2014.  The story is linked here.

Thanks in advance for stopping by and reading!