Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mo From Bo

Aloha, everybody, 

Sorry I've been away for a few days too many. Just a few life things getting between me and my beloved blog. I'm happy to say I'm back let's get back to checking out some more cards that came to me from that big feeder box I received from Bo. 

Leading things off today are some cards inspired by the old "Play Ball" set. This Bobby Doerr is slightly smaller than the others. I'm guessing because it's being true to the size of the originals. 

These cards are real beauties. I'm showing off a few that some of you out there might enjoy. 

Here's a World Series card reprint...

Bo sent a bunch of the "Legends of New York" set...

He also included a bunch from these very attractive 2001 Upper Deck Pinstripe Exclusives inserts...

How about this fistful of cards from the 2002 UD World Series Heroes set...

Those will mix in well with the small handful that I already had. The set is 180 cards strong, so I'm not close to completing it, but I've got a great starter set now, thanks to Bo. 

Here's what they look like individually. I dig the Americana design and World Series feeling...

A look at the backside...

Next time: Some Dodgers! 


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bo Lowered the BOom and Hit Me with a Cardboard BOmb

Aloha, everybody, 

I recently received a behemoth of cardboard from Bo, the man behind Sportscards Brought to Life. Bo came upon a whooooole lotta cards and he was generous enough to share the wealth with his fellow collector/bloggers. I was lucky enough to join in the fun and Bo was cool enough to fill a big ol' box and send it to me. 

 Check this out: 

Upwards of 650 cards of Dodgers present and past, World Series Heroes, Hall of Famers, scrubs, tributes, RCs, cards to share with you all....and more. Wow! 

I wish I could just pass the box to you as if you were sitting in the room with me, and we could both enjoy every card inside, but that's not possible, so let's enjoy some highlights.

I really enjoy these tribute cards of the early players and HOFers. I've picked up a few cards from these sets here and there, and Bo's box really expanded my collection. 

These are beautiful tributes. Great photos on classic designs...

And simple backsides with career stats. 

I had a few from this (also beautiful) set, and always wanted more. How did Bo know? 

Josh Gibson, Hoyt Wilhelm, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson. What a start. AmIright? This is just a scratch of the surface. 

I'll be presenting the different segments from this box over the next few posts, so stay tuned and we'll check out some more next time. 

THANKS for the cards, Bo. I really appreciate them all.