Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Little Bitta Puig Bein' Puig

Aloha everybody,

I don't know if you saw this clip yet, but in case you missed it, it's a good one and worth checking out.

Yasiel Puig struck out the other night, and in a bit of frustration he slammed his batting helmet into the helmet rack.  

Absolute Puig-ness ensued...


Here's a link to it in GIF format.

Monday, August 11, 2014

This Dodgers-Giants Connection Almost Made My Head Explode

Aloha everybody,

I learned something today while watching the Dodgers and Braves game. 

Dodgers broadcaster Charlie Steiner dropped a piece of Clayton Kershaw trivia that I never before knew.

 See that number on Kid K's back? Number 22.  

Most hard-core Dodger fans know Kershaw's number without being shown a baseball card, but how many people know the connection between that 22 on his back and the hated Giants?

He wears it because of this man...

That's right. Kershaw wears the same number worn by Will Clark, because Clark was his favorite player growing up. That's gotta partially explain why Kershaw is a pretty good hitter.

Ordinarily I would have dropped my drink upon hearing the best player on the Dodgers wears his number to honor a hated Giant, but in a deep rivalry that sometimes goes beyond the lines of sports and crosses into tragedy, I was pleased to know the Dodgers and Giants have this positive connection. 

Besides, I can't fault Kershaw for choosing to honor the man who was my favorite player on that team of rivals as well.

At least, I can thank the Big Dodger in the Sky that being a pitcher, Kershaw didn't choose to wear this guy's number..