Tuesday, June 12, 2018

They Say Legends Never Die. I Hope Legendary Collectors Don't Really Retire

Aloha, everybody, 

Maybe you heard, the man who built a collecting and trading empire under the moniker of JBF has retired from the game. It's the end of an era. 

It's the flaming out of a torch the blogosphere thought would burn bright, like a thousand Willinghams, forever. 

Mi hermano is stepping down from brutal trading wars and year-long contests to savor the fruits of his many past victories and to complete some personal collecting chases that remain. 

Before stepping out of the spotlight, good ol' Wes dropped a few "Retirement Packages" into the mail. Of course he did, because that's the man's M.O. - generosity at all times. 

I mentioned this in the upcoming video, but in case you don't watch, I'll mention now that I'm the trader I am today because of Wes. He never knew it, but my Alabama brother was a cardboard mentor to me. He showed me that generosity is the life blood of trading FUN. 

My offerings are always humble, just what I can scrape together on a modest (and more often than not) nonexistent cardboard budget for trades. He never made me feel our trades were dependent on equal monetary values, and he never stopped sending things to me because my return packages didn't meet the heft of what he sent to me. 

Wes taught me that it was the act of sharing what someone else wanted, and not counting nickles, that mattered. My Cardboard Santa and Operation PWE campaigns can be directly traced to how Wes rolled. They are a cardboard legacy, if you will. 

Presentation speech completed, let's open the package Wes sent me, and review Azacca IPA, a beer from Founders Brewing, out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Checking Out Some Vintage Topps, Oh-Pee-Chee, and a Beer Review

Aloha, everybody, 

Here's a video showing off some vintage Topps baseball and a bit of vintage Oh-Pee-Chee hockey that I picked up at the card show over the past couple of weeks. 

Also included is a beer review of an Imperial IPA from Lost Coast Brewing up in northern California. Enjoy!


Friday, June 1, 2018

A Friday Video: Opening a Repack and Beer Review

Aloha, everybody, 

This time it's REALLY Friday, so let's check out a new ATBATT video on YouTube. 

This time I'm raging against the Ohtani machine and opening a humble repack. I often have good luck with these, and every now and then I pull an auto. 

I'm also reviewing a double red ale from Ninkasa Brewing in Eureka, Oregon. 

If you're not interested in watching a vid, just listen to the audio and pretend I'm podcasting :) 


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Friday Youtube Video: Opening a Package from Johnny's Trading Spot & Beer Review

Aloha, everybody, 

It's Friday, so what better time to drop a Youtube video on y'all? Yeh, I'm moving toward more videos and less typing assignments. It also feels like an embrace of the 21st century. 

I hope you'll stick with me as I run through my video phase and try to find a happy medium between vlogging and old school written posts. 

Today we have a package from Johnny's Trading Spot and a beer review from Evans Brewing, out of Orange county, Irvine, CA. 

THANKS for the great package, John. Getback comin' your way soon. Aloha! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Video Package Reveal from Angels in Order and Beer Review

Aloha, everybody, 

I upped a version of this video earlier, but noticed it needed an edit or two, so here it is again, in final Director's Cut form. I present a video rip of a surprise-filled  trade package from Angels in Order. 

There's also a beer review of an IPA from Ex Voto Brewing out of Portland, Oregon. They have an interesting story of their own. 

Hope you tune in and enjoy. Aloha and THANKS Tom! 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Let's Open a Value Pak of Flagship Topps and Review a Beer

Aloha, everybody, 

So I've got a couple of value packs of cards and a few beers to review. Life is good! 

We'll start things off with a pack of 2018 Topps flagship and see what we can see. I've also got a beer from Denmark. A sour ale from To Ol Brewery. It's called "A ton of Black Currant" because it's brewed with a ton of black currant. 

Let's take a ride...


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sometimes I'm Too Cracked to Post, But Not Today

Aloha, everyone, 

I haven't posted in a while, but I've got some time tonight, so I'm going to drop a quickie about a nice lil' package that came to me from a nice lil' bloggin' gal named Julie, from A Cracked Bat

Julie started me off with a selection of 2018 Heritage Dodgers...

I'm settling on Heritage being my favorite set from 2018...

There was only one Topps Chrome card, but it was an attractive action shot of ex-Hated One, Brett Butler busting out of the box after one of his trademark bunt singles. 

Speaking of attractive cards, I really dig this 1969 Topps T.C.G. deckle-edge Tom Haller card. (It might be my favorite of the batch.) 

 Haller, also a former Giant, was a Dodger for four years, from 1968 thru 1971. He was a decent catcher, repping LA once as an All-Star. 

Here's a great 35th Anniversary shot of young Corey Seager running the bases after losing his batting helmet somewhere along the way. 

And now some crazy cards I didn't even know existed. From 1991 Fleer Extra Bases...

These come in around 3 x 5 1/2 inches. A very cool bunch featuring a couple of my favorite 90's Dodger pitchers, the Bulldog and Ramon Martinez. 

A nice assortment of Dodger Blue from across the decades. THANKS, Julie! I picked up a couple of things for you on my recent trips to the card show. Hope you'll like them. 


Monday, May 14, 2018

A Youtube Video: Will the Dodgers Fire Dave Roberts?

Aloha, everybody, 

After the disastrous weekend series in which the lowly Reds swept the even lowlier Dodgers, the dreaded question has begun to swirl: Will Dodgers manager Dave Roberts be fired?

I drop my take in this youtube video. Sorry, no beer review this time, but I anticipate a stand-alone beer review video over the next couple of days. Enjoy, and thanks for watching, in advance. 

PS: John Miller, your package arrived today. Will be opening after dinner. THANKS! 


Saturday, May 5, 2018

I Got Penny Sleeves in this Trade (Cool Cardboard too)

Aloha, everybody, 

If you're not following A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts, well, you just aint doin' it right. Jon runs one of my favorite blogs. Quality writing, insight, and a good variety of cards and genres (unlike those of us who tend to blog about the same team 95% of the time). 

Jon and I don't make specific trades, we just gather cards and send when it seems there are enough. Lately, we've begun corresponding with each other about things large and small beyond the cardboard. I told Jon that I feel like the old days when authors, artists and friends would write long letters to each other. I really love it. 

Anyways, you're here for the cards, right? Let's check 'em out...

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, "Hey, my browser just switched over to Bob Walk the Plank. Nope you're still in ATBATT. Jon remembered I collect Hall of Famers, and he dropped this Honus Wagner with its marvelous photo on me. Besides, I dig these Fleer Greats sets as well.

Something else I chase are defunct teams like the Senators...

I have mixed feelings about Roger Craig because he later managed the hated Giants - seemingly forever. I never knew him as a Dodger, so even though he wears the Brooklyn flannels, my brain still registers him as the leader of the bad guys. 

More Killer cardboard, sir? Yes, please. Mucho more...

And gimme those career stats...

Good ol' Ossie here spent his entire career with the Senators, from player to All-Star to World Series champ to coach to manager. 

Did someone say I like baseball legends on cardboard? This'll do...

Now for some Dodgers. We'll go from a gorgeous old set...

...to a beautiful modern, acetate of The Tornado...

 World Series Hero Mickey Hatcher! Awesome

 Here come some more Konerkos. Some will say this card design is over the top, but I think it's just right. Even his cleats are getting in on the act. 

Did Konerko put his jersey on upside down? 

There we go, right side up again. 

 Speaking of ballplayers destined to be great - for another team!! Nonetheless, this card will look great in my binder.

Finally, Jon drops the extra spicy dose with some Kershaw swag! Nice! 

What a great batch of cards. THANKS, Jon. I really appreciate them. 

Shotouts to P-Town Tom and Tom Tessier for cards recently arrived. I'll get some posts up for you soon! THANKS :) 


Friday, May 4, 2018

ICYMI: My Youtube Video Making the Case for the Dodgers to Retire Fernando's Number

Aloha, everybody, 

Tonight the Dodgers made franchise history by pitching a combined no-hitter behind young Walker Buehler and three other bullpen pitchers. 

The game was played against the San Diego Padres in Monterey, Mexico through five innings of an absolute downpour. It was amazing to watch. Fernando Valenzuela threw out the first pitch, and the Dodgers touted their former phenom for all he was worth. 

The event prompted me to make a video calling for the team to finally retire his number. I made the vid yesterday, and there's an included beer review for what it's worth. 

I hope you'll give a watch and hope further that you'll enjoy!


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Blog Bat Around - All Autograph Team Part 2: Pitchers and Assorted Cogs

Aloha, everybody, 

Let's conclude the All Autograph Team (Starting Nine with DH are here) with the pitching staff and a couple of others tossed in for fun. 

Starting Left-Handed Pitcher:

I happened to show this beauty off on Twitter the other day; mentioned that my good luck brought this baby right out of a pack. 

Starting Right-Handed Pitcher: 

Bullpen: Kershaw and Podres

Oh yeh, the ATBATT all-auto team's got some pretty decent pitching. 

Pinch Hitter: Manny Mota

Bench: The Toy Cannon, LoDuca and The Butter and Eggs Man

Finally, what team is complete without a manager...and whom else would I choose?

Tommy Lasorda, autograph obtained walking around Dodger Stadium, back in the days Tommy was more mobile. 

There you have it folks. I'll stack my ATBATT All Autograph team against any other. We'll bet a bag of peanuts on it. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Went to Walker Buehler's Debut Game. Wanna See Some Pics?

Aloha, everybody, 

I got invited to the ballgame last night to see the Dodger Stadium debut of Dodgers phenom Walker Buehler. The seats were just as awesome as the kid. 

The bonus was I got to see an incredible game by Kike Hernandez. He made two brilliant plays on the field, hit a home run and laid down a crucial eighth inning bunt single that directly led to the game winning run scoring. By the way, Buehler pitched five scoreless innings. What a game! 

Here are a few pics from my night at Chavez Ravine. Leading off is the kid, Buehler. His fastball is so fast, the ball's already in Grandal's mitt while the batter is still waiting for it to arrive. 

Here's Yasiel Puig giving the ump his opinion of the generous strike zone (which wasn't so wide for Buehler). 

The most excellent view from my seats! A special shoutout and THANKS to my friend Naomi for sharing her ticket with me. They were the best seats in the house. 

Chris Taylor in action. 

Hey! It's Tommy Lasorda! 

Buehler staring in at the signs. I think this was his last (or second to the last pitch of the night). Note the "Big K" scoreboard showing his five strikeouts. 

The kid bringing the heat. 

Here's me in my homemade Buehler jersey. It says Bradley under there. 

There's Nomah! See the schnozz? 

Here's Joc Pederson with his strange "pitch this" batting ritual. I sure hope the Dodgers' marketing team uses this pose for his bobblehead. 

Here's Kike Hernandez laying down his brilliant bunt single, which advanced Chris Taylor to third base. 

That was followed by Cody Bellinger's sac fly to bring home the winning run. 

The seats were fantastic, the Dodgers won, and I had an awesome time. THANKS, Naomi! 


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blog Bat Around - All Autograph Team

Aloha, everybody, 

My buddy Zippy Zappy started a Blog Bat Around that consists of a team lineup that's made from autographs. It doesn't matter if the auto is on cardboard or any other memorabilia (like a signed Penguin lamp, for example), the only caveat is: the auto has to be in our possession. 

While it sounds like a fun idea, I thought for sure I didn't have enough autos to put together a nine-man lineup, including relief pitchers and PH/DHs. Once I got into my binders, I was surprised that I had just enough to field an auto-team alongside those you all are putting up. However, I did have to place one player out of position, and you'll see how that played out soon enough. 

Without further ado, I give you the ATBATT All-Auto All-Stars:

Batting leadoff, and playing second base: Maury Wills

Maury is third on this triple-autographed card I received through trade - the other two are Manny Mota and pitcher Claude Osteen. 

Batting second, and playing right field: Tony Gwynn. 

I got this Gwynn auto TTM. I originally had two, but traded one away. 

Batting third, and playing center field: The Duke of Flatbush

The Duke came to me through trade with mi hermano, JBF. 

Batting cleanup, the DH: Paul Molitor 

Molitor is a TTM auto. 

Batting fifth, in left field: The Straw (He's out of position, but I don't have any left fielder autos, and I figure Daryl can handle LF better than Gwynn) 

My only Strawberry auto came to me in trade. 

Batting sixth, and at third base: The Penguin

While I don't have an autographed lamp, this traded Cey will do. 

Batting seventh, the backstop: The Boomer

I got this Yeager auto (and another) in person at a local pizza place. The second auto I sent off to the guy with the Penguin lamp.

Batting eighth, and at shortstop: Alan Trammell

I got two Trammells TTM. One is traded away. 

Batting ninth, and at first base: Big Mo

Mo Vaughn is a TTM auto. Isn't this a great one? I dig the way Big Mo wrote his name on that monster arm. 

We'll close the starting nine with that awesome auto and save the pitching staff, PH, and also-rans for Part Two. Stay tuned.