Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A trade with the new husband, Ryan, at '"O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog

 made a trade with ryan right before he got hitched. this closes out my first three trades.  all in all, a  good experience. im thinking the shot above looks like a pic straight outta ryan's wedding party. CONGRATS, BRO !!

i seem to be slowly building a campy collection.

these are very cool mini additions for my binder. they now join ty cobb.

from topps 'cards that never were' series.  i also have the diamond parallel

i remember seeing the original photo in a book years ago. it's from a hope-filled spring training long ago.

a topps reprint of my favorite dodger pitcher from my youth. three things come to mind: sutton is the closest i ever came to seeing a no-hitter at dodger stadium. he pitched a one-hitter, and lost 1-0 on a home run. he once had locker room fisticuffs with steve garvey for having a big mouth about the garv's wife, and then he went on to become an announcer for the atlanta braves on TV.  i gotta presume the silly hairstyle really is killer with those hotlanta chicks.

im also starting to build a nice pc of number 42

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