Saturday, February 4, 2012

RC Trade Bait (Part 1)

hey there everybody...happy super bowl weekend, and happy first week of topps flagship 2012.  i've had a good time seeing everyone's posts about it, and my take is a general *yawn*.   of course i dig a couple of the big inserts, but the base and all that fools gold tossed around is leaving me uninspired - squirrels or not.

here comes the first of a few posts featuring what topps and a few other brands have designated 'rookie cards'.  enjoy...

it's a mini !


BOOOO! note: this is 2011 60 YearsOfTopps version. STILL BOO !!!

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  1. Castro and Posey would be great. Lemme see if I've got any Dodger stuff left. You Dodger guys always clean me out.

    I know I have a Marquee Kemp, a Lineage sparkly Kemp and a Lineage StandUp Kemp.