Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Dodger Bats And My Collection Go Off Hiatus

Hey everybody,

FINALLY the Dodgers are righteously kicking some ass and blowing out the Pirates 12-2.  I've had to update the score twice since I started writing this.  Sorry Matt, but the Boys In Blue were due.  Sunday will be ours as well. Hehe

In the spirit of a great game, I bring a post about some great cards that arrived in my mailbox this morning.  

A while back my buddy Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards ran a contest and I came away a winner of one of the most iconic slices of cardboard ever.  

The winners of the contest were able to choose our favorite of the offered cards, and if I remember correctly (which is not as often as I would like), I had second choice. It was a tough selection because Tony was offering a sweet giant swatch from a Dodger - Chad Billingsley - but I saw a different card that I wanted.  

Furthermore, I knew Chavez Ravining was next in line to choose after me, and I figured he had his eye on that Bills card.  I chose to pass on the unfulfilled potential of Bills and go for a card of one of the solid greats.

Lookit this beauty that Tony offered up - and I snagged!


I don't usually show the backs of cards, but in this case, let's see what Topps did with an early card of one of the game's greats...

What do you think? Do you see The Hawk's eventual career from this card back? 

Winning that card would have been enough, and that's all I expected when I saw my winnings envelope today, but Tony don't just roll minimum style like that. He included  a coupla great extras.  Let's check 'em out...

 How's about a legendary pitcher for the Angels - back when the Angels were happy to represent the city they actually play in? 

Although I'm not an Angels fan, per se, I did attend university in Orange County - Cal State  Fullerton - and I'm a California homer, so I'm very happy to land a card from a great Angel.

And that's not all.  Tony knew I wanted a Dodger and he sent me a beautiful Museum card ...

Scans don't really convey how nice these Museum cards are in hand.  The player image just jumps out at you from the background.  These cards are defintiely worthy of the Museum moniker. 

All in all, it was a very nice envelope for a great Saturday. 
Enjoy the weekend everybody! 


  1. Replies
    1. Tony, that Hawk card sits proudly in my binder!

  2. I'm just glad we won a couple of games. It had been a few years since we won in LA. That was a butt kicking tonight. Only a matter of time before Hanley's bat woke up.

    1. You guys won the first two fair and square.
      Those were horrible to sit through from my vantage point. LOL