Friday, December 5, 2014

The Last JBF From JBF (The Blog, That Is) - Part 2

Aloha everyone,

How's winter settling in for you? Is the first winter cold of the season spreading through everyone over there as it is over here? 

As I type this, I sit recovering from a head cold - box of tissues at the ready. 

However, since I'm confined to chair duty, I figure this is a good time to crank out the next intallment celebrating the cards I received from JBF just before he closed up shop on his blog. 

And awaaaaay we go...

Leading off is a newly retired Dodger, one who came  in thto the Dodgers from Boston in the biggest trade made by ex-G.M. Ned Colletti. I just love typing the words "ex-G.M." for Ned.

Beckett had a mostly so-so time with the Dodgers, but he had a pretty good 2014 and ended his career with a no-hitter against the Phillies. It was the first no-hitter of the 2014 season, and the first for the Dodgers since Hideo Nomo in 1996.

Here's a great shot of the O-Dog, exactly the way I remember him as a Dodger - smiling and getting the job done. The barcode design is a little silly, but I guess the card's supposed to look like a ticket.  I do however, dig the "rising sun"  rays emitting behind O-Dog. They work especially well with this photo.

I'll always remember watching Hudson's opening day inside-the-park home run (on TV). Unfortunately, he was considered expendable as a young Dee Gordon came on the scene, and he ended up a Padre. 

I don't know if GCRL covered this card yet in his posts about trubute/memorial patches, but here we see Mondi wearing patches on both sleeves. 

One is a dual tribute to Roy Campanella and Don Drysdale. The other sleeve is a memorial patch for Tim Crews. Crews died in a boating accident during Spring Training. 

Rather bland design with a great photo. Fleer did love those stripey designs. 

Coming up next is a player who would look great even on one of those dull grey Fleer cards...

 Now that's some well-done framing right there. Topps also added a nice artful touch with the hints of green grass behind Koufax's shoulders. Sweet card. 

Speaking of artful, I'll end today's post with a Masterpiece. I just can't get enough of these Masterpiece cards. Everything about them rocks - card design, photography, framing, faux painting finish, texture - it all works. These are beautiful cards. 

Thanks again to Wes for the great cards. There are still enough favorites left from his package to put up one more installment, so I'll see you all next time for Part 3! 

Aloha *ahhhh-choo!*


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