Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fedoras and More from JBF


JayBarkerFan has been running a "junk trading" series, and as we all know, good ol' JBF doesn't really offer junk, and he certainly doesn't include anything even remotely associated with junk in the extras he tosses into his trade packages. 

Although I have not been tracking the blogs as much as I did in the past, I was lucky enough to check out his site during this recent series, and one of the non-sport cards he was offering stopped me in my tracks. I hadda have it - and JBF was kind enough to ship it to me...

That's right. A hunk of Hollywood memorabilia from one of my all-time favorite films, "On The Waterfront". 

In this film old school hard-ass Karl Malden plays one of the greatest supporting roles ever. I jumped hard on the chance to get this card, and it doesn't disappoint, as I can feel the history seeped into the felt from that fedora. 

However, the back of the card revealed one curious detail. It seems this hunk of hat is actually from the TV series "The Streets Of San Francisco".

No worries, as it is still a hat from Malden, and I still feel the history in it - even if it's the waterfront from1970's San Francisco. This is still a great addition to my collection - and may well spark me into collecting more Hollywood memorabilia cardboard. 

JBF is never one to send just one card...and this package contained some fantastic extras that accurately scratched my collecting itch.

Vintage Dodgers that I did not have yet...


Adrian Beltre....and Shawn Green...
Check and Check!

Limited run cards with shiny designs...

You might ask, how about a limited-number Mike Piazza? 

Check! (and a low number too! 3/50)

How about more limited number Dodgers that I collect? 

Monsieur Gagne says "Le cheque." 69/100

What about one of those limited to only 50 and numbered below 10? 

Blam! Check! 

Finally, there was one more very cool Hollywood surprise.

A proof numbered 25 of 25 from another classic, "The Birds". Very nice. 

THANKS for these wonderful new cards for my collection, JBF! 

Next time: The second package! 



  1. He has some really cool stuff. I joined in on these trades all four times and padded my Hollywood memorabilia by doing so.

    1. I'm probably lucky to have swooped in on the Malden fedora seconds before you! Whew!

  2. Wes delivers as usual. Some nice low numbered cards my friend.

    1. Yeah, some folks are done with the numbered card angle, but not me!
      I love 'em.