Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Night Cards From A Night...Well, You Know Who

Aloha everybody,

I have mixed emotions on this moon eclipse evening. The Oakland Raiders have now won two in a row, but my beloved Dodgers can't win and shut the playoffs door on the hated Giants. 

They say you win some and you lose some, but I beg to differ.  When you're friends with the greatest Dodgers baseball card collector/blogger there ever was, it's always a Win when a package from ol' Night Owl arrives in the mail. 

You see, Night Owl has more Dodgers cardboard than any other five Dodger collectors COMBINED, so that means he's got plenty of cool Dodgers loot to share with other collectors of the Boys in Blue. 

This particular N.O. package had an oddballs theme, but of course, it was packed so that it contained plenty of other "conventional" cardboard as well. So much so that it will take a couple of posts for me to give proper respects and shout outs (and that's showing just the highlights). So let's get started...

 So let's begin with one of the oddest. This Saxy circle is a player disc from one the Cadaco All-Star baseball games, which go all the way back to the 60's. That means there are game discs with some serious Hall of Famers floating around out there. 

 Here's one of my favorites from N.O.'s package - an oversized boxtopper, World Series MVP, "Paaayyy - drooohh  Goo - rare - ohhhh!" That's the way the Dodger Stadium announcer would call out Pedro's name when he came up to bat at Chavez Ravine. 

Ol' Pedro has been coaching in the Mexican minor league and led the Rioleros de Frontera to the League Championship in 2014. 

Next up are some playing card Dodgers...

Naturally, Ramon (Pedro's big brother) is the Ace, as he was for so many years with the Dodgers. 

How about more logo-less discs featuring timeless Dodgers...

Here's what the backs look like...

Here's another nice thing that I have in common with N.O. - we both love the Penguin - which means he's got plenty of Ron Cey cardboard.  Which means further, he can share that Penguin bounty with me. 

 Steve Garvey got all the headlines back in the 70's because of his all-American looks and Popeye forearms, but nobody carried a big stick and rebounded from a World Series beanball like the Penguin. 

For the purposes of this post, we'll call early-80's DonRuss oddball. However, a decade later, DonRuss had become my favorite brand. 

That's enough for tonight, as I'm now going to run outside and catch the blood moon eclipse - the first in 37 years. 

UPDATE: The eclipse is a bust from my viewpoint, as it is being obscured by clouds. Well, you win some and you lose some. 

Next: Part Two of the Night Owl package. 



  1. I love those Sutton/Campy disc inserts. Hard to go wrong with oddballs.

  2. Let's hope these posts are good luck to our team. ... The Cey Donruss postcard still brings back great memories of the time I landed that item. I thought it was so cool.

  3. Two-part trades are always nice! Bummer about the eclipse. It was pretty cloudy here too, but the clouds broke enough every few minutes for the moon to peek through a little.