Tuesday, November 29, 2011


yup - i know, there's plenty of us dodger bloggers, and so it might seem that there's gonna be entirely too much to read about vin scully's birthday today.  but i just gotta toss in my two cents, my props and my well-wishes to vinny since i have the soapbox to do it.

like many dodger fans, i grew up to vinny calling the games on my transistor radio when i was too young to go out to the game myself, and certainly long before cable TV broadcasts.

his voice was the constant throughout my summers growing up. he put me inside dodger stadium as i listened while my pop barbequed in our yard on a sunday afternoon.  his descriptions created the pictures as i laid in bed refusing to sleep until the final out.  c'mon mom, whattya mean school tomorrow ? vinny sez manny mota's coming up !!

later, when i was old enough to buy my own tickets, through the radio, vinny was my seatmate at the ravine. even though i was siitng there, the game wasn't the game without vinny painting the picture of  what i was seeing.

at one point, i won a dodger contest and the prize was opening day breakfast AT HOME PLATE with stu nahan, tommy lasorda, and vinny.  vinny sat with me and my old lady and talked with us for about 15 minutes. as everyone says, he was the most gracious, warm and elegant man you could meet.

now vinny's a little older, and sometimes he makes mistakes with players names...but he's still head and shoulders over ANY announcer from ANY sport for my money. i'm so glad he's gonna be back as our dodgers broadcaster for one more year.

thanks for the lifetime of memories, vinny. happy birthday and may all of your wishes come true.

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