Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I won cool stuff from the Card Hobbyist

it was a while back, but it's never too late to post about cool cards, right?   i won a contest over at the Card Hobbyist and i got a great combo of cards for the PC, and a little bitta trade bait.
without further ado...presenting some very nice cardboard i got just for being part of our very cool subculture.  thanks for the great contest and the great loot !  (p.s. thanks to all my readers too)

this is my favorite card out of the pile.  card hobbyist hit my wish list right on target for baseball cards.  check out this 1959 -  i said - 59 !! topps in just about pristine condition. ink colors, the photo, cool logo, even a decent signature from ol' pedro.  its a beautiful example of vintage cardboard. heres a tidbit about ramos involving the mick. ramos threw the pitch that mantle famously almost hit out of yankee stadium,  hitting the top deck facade in right field.  a feat later reproduced in the redford baseball classic, the natural.

more vintage goodness.  my first charlie hustle as a phillie card.  i dig this photo with rose sportin' the 'mudflaps' look and as always, looking like he's about 60 seconds away from a base hit.  homeboy musta SLEPT with a batting helmet on.

check out this RC of america's (?!!?) quarterback. 

check out this great NFL relic card

and just to keep the badass QB roll call going, mr. manning

i've seen these spotlight cards on my fellow bloggers sites and they looked great.  now that i have one..yeh, they are very cool.  hey marlins fans...feel a trade coming on?


  1. Sweet! Glad to see they arrived safely and you are enjoying them

  2. yup. absolutely enjoying and happy to share it with the blogosphere. :)