Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trade with The Hopeful Chase

I traded with Justin over at The Hopeful Chase a few weeks ago and hadn't posted about that one yet.   as fate would have it, we recently put together another nice little trade, so i here's a 2 for 1 post.

Indulge me, please, as i digress for a moment:  The Night Owl  recently said he wants cards to be 'cool', period.  that was night owl speaking my words exactly.  while i agree that autos and hunks of mitt or a cleat spike hanging from a card are interesting - and sometimes very desirable to me - at the end of the day, i only want cool cards, and sometimes less is more.

 So...without any further are the very cool cards i got from justin over at the chase...

This was a bonus card tossed in. aint it grand when you get surprises like that?

my original requested card. note to all you traders out there: yes, i'm a dodger fan, but i love johnny bench cards. (most other HOF catchers too)

its always awesome to get a card you didnt even know existed
sure the black edges are scruffy. thats cuz this card has been looked at countless times, by collectors long before me. nothing wrong with the cards themselves having a little history as well.

i always dig the old time players

this is an absolute beauty.  but i wonder, what the heck is that mudpie, u.f.o., puffpastry thing on his bottom left? is that a catchers mitt?

the legend

the backside says the T205's were the first cards to use player facsimile autographs. 
THANKS for the great trade, justin !

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