Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Community Break Brings Gum Goodness

hey everybody,

how's your weekend going?  what a great sunday afternoon here.  I smell a neighbor's BBQ coming through the wind and occasionally i hear tiny yelps from our newborn puppies out in the back yard.

this and my next couple of posts will be catch-ups from trades and breaks i was involved in from a ways back.  today i'm covering the last break i was in, and because of new financial changes around here, maybe the last break i'll be in for a while.  i'm going to be scaling back on how many breaks i join.  maybe that's lucky for you other Dodger collectors, as I'll only be jumping in if the products are something i just can't resist. 

speaking of lucky - i caught some major, major break mojo on this group break from Community Gum and i hauled in my biggest catch yet of all the breaks i've participated in. Andy and Jon gave us a shot at a case break of 2012 topps archives. of course, my team was the dodgers, and i picked up some cool cards of a few guys from other teams as well.  here's the highlights -

of course it's a highlight when i get a jackie hit. love this card's great design.  aint all that blue purty? 

nice new cards from (last year's) stars

never been much a snider collector, but i like this one. 

i know some of you out there dig these stickers. bleh...

dee started the season as my favorite Dodger, but his struggles to be consistent are really testing my patience.  emerging as my new fave is elian herrera. he plays almost every position except pitcher and plays 'em pretty well.  besides that defensive value, on a team lacking offense, he's a consistent threat at the plate as well.  hey dee - i'm talking about somebody else on your card caption.  does that say anything to you?

3-D coolness

i always love to get a new mike schmidt card.  the straw looks great in this card.

clemente ALWAYS a good addition. sometimes i feel this dude walked the field with an aura you could see.

andy and jon included this note that gave me a good chuckle when i saw it.  'couldn't pull anything good for me?'  HA ! they only pulled my greatest hit of all ! check it out below ....

see that? a Fan Favorites Sandy Koufax AUTOGRAPH !!!  that auto was the entire reason i joined this break.  i was hoping to catch lightning and the boys at Community Gum helped me catch it this time !!  

I went to the topps redeemtion site and the only drag is i have to wait until september for delivery.   SEPTEMBER ???!!!???!! ARRRGHHHH !!!!   this might be the first time i ever wish for summer to pass quickly.  THANKS for the great break, Jon and Andy!