Monday, June 11, 2012

So who missed me ? and my pimpin' ways ?

hey everybody -

how's y'all doing out there?  i've been away for the month of june.  who noticed?

a brief explanation for my absence: some of you know i'm a college professor ( <--insert unimpressed yawn), but i'm also a department head (<-- insert tossed peanut).   so while summer is traditionally a time to slow down around most campus', it's actually my busy season, because i have to oversee the educational part of international groups who come for summer sessions at my university.  that means lots less time for blogging fun.   some of you may have noticed i've still been reading your blogs, and dropping comments here and there, but i've had very little time for scanning cards and crafting my usually fantastic and awesome posts.   :(

 i've been meaning to get back into the swing of things, and today i found the perfect reason to break my non-posting streak.  it's a chance for me to get involved in a blogger contest, and to help a fellow blogger pimp out his site.  fuji, over at The Chronicles Of Fuji is starting up his third annual super-contest.  so here comes a big hitta pimpology, Dodger Blue styleeeeee.....

Snoop sez: Check out tha chronic...les of fuji !

it looks like a lot of fun, involving commenting, answering questions, LOTSA prizes, and even a bat around.  how can i stay on the bench with this kinda action getting started?  so i'm adjustin' my blogging gloves like nomah and pine tarrin' my keyboard like brett.  time to get back into the game !

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  1. domo arigato for the pimping... good luck & let the games begin!