Monday, June 25, 2012

Yo Fuji, My Favorite player Was Ron Cey

Today's Post is in response to the bat around question over at The Chronicles Of Fuji.

yup, i'm talkin about the same ron cey that Good 'ol Night Owl sez was his favorite as well.

the ironic thing about this is, this one is the ONLY actual card i hold of cey.  i've got a few reprints of his, but this one is the only autentico.  for some reason or another i didn't see any of his cards when trolling shows, and i just haven't gotten any of his cards in trades (except for those reprints).  this reveals a huge hole in my collecting career.

the penguin was my favorite 'every day in the lineup, four at bats per game' Dodger.   i had another favorite childhood Dodger, but this bad ass didn't play every day, and he was only called upon to perform in very specific situations.  he's bad ass because in my memories he ALWAYS came through when called upon in those do or die stuations.   he invented the art of the walk-off game winner to me....

this here's his RC. naturally, he's posed with his weapon of choice.

this one is my favoite of mota's cards. doing what he does best, and striking a 'hammerin hankish' sort of pose, although mota was not a huge HR threat.  a classic photo rockin' the old 70's LA uni. 

i was also a big fan of Garvey.  he played the opposite corner from the Penguin, and he was no slouch with the bat.  besides that, we all thought he had the hottest Dodger wife.

yup - i still collect these guys and they are always welcome in trade packages.  *hint hint*


  1. My Cey post is coming up later tonight.

    I'm sure I've got some Cey dupes around to send you.

  2. Cool, brother. That would be much appreciated. i already happen to have a fistful of cards ready to ship your way.

    BTW - i didnt write about cey partly because i figgered you would. ;)

  3. Wow... love that 1980 Topps Mota card. You're right, that's one heck of a photo. Thanks for sharing!