Thursday, November 15, 2012

Posts on Trades on Cards

hey everybody,

it seems i'm no different than a lot of my blogger brethren who fall behind on putting up trade posts.  my hat's off to those of you who have the discipline to stay on top of it.

Kerry has been posting some great trade bait of past players over at the cool blog Cards on Cards.  go on over there and check his posts from october.  there might be some good stuff remaining.

(note: in the latest frustrating development with blogger, i can no longer use red for the color of the font in my links.  links now accept only the color blue. hence, the almost invisible font on links. *sheesh*)

i was able to pick up some great cards to fill out my player collections. first up, mike schmidt...

these 'legends' series cards look great.  this is a most excellent shot of the proper way to play the hot corner.

the proper way to watch a bomb sail over the fence

anybody know about that '100' patch on his arm?  is that 100 years for the phillie franchise?  maybe 100 years of philly cheese steak sandwiches?


above is a great card of the hit king.  we recently had a good back-and-forth here in ATBATT about cheating players.  i wrote a post about mark mcgwire and mentioned pete rose.  a couple of folks weighed in with their opinions and i really appreciated that.

sure, it's fun to have a blog and opine on all things large and small, but it's even better when you, my readers and fellow bloggers drop in with your thoughts. we call it a community for a reason.

speaking of cheaters, here's LA's most famous member of that club.  i hear manny is still playing in some off-league somewhere.  if he can work his way back into baseball shape, i would be really interested in seeing how he does...with a different club.  
 THANKS for the great trade, Kerry ! 


  1. oscar you are right about the patch - 100 years of the phillies franchise celebrated in 1983

  2. I believe Manny hit a home run in his first AB in the Dominican league this week.

  3. wow! i hope he can come back clean.

  4. The '87 Rose is the best card in the set.

    1. it's become my favorite rose card overall.