Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Batters Up !

Hey everybody,

Here comes an easy saturday post of some players who let thier bats do the talking back in the day...

Donruss was my favorite card maker in the 90's.  They had the best batting action shots and I thought they designed the best inserts. 

Even if you're not a yankees fan, you gotta have one Donnie Baseball in the PC.

Speaking of well -designed cards, '94 Flair here is one of my favorite sets.  This was one of the first 'premium sets', and I think one of the best.  Almost 20 years have passed and these cards still hold up through the test of time. 

Here's great vintage with 2 batting legends who I was lucky enough to see play. 

Here's Carew again with a young Reggie Smith on my nomination for the dullest Topps set ever.

Finishing up with another one of the great set designs.  Furillo was an iron man out in right field and was a clutch WS batter, winning titles with both Brooklyn and L.A. 
 THANKS for reading!

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  1. Great looking Furillo card. I miss Flair too. Classy looking sets with a thicker card stock.