Sunday, January 20, 2013

Binder Page Heroes Campy Edition Part 2

The second half of the Roy Campanella binder page begins with Topps 206.  The "Hey Baby" mustache is gone, but apparently Campy can't resist shooting us a "Heeeyyy" finger with his bat hand...

Below is a great gimmick card that I receieved in a trade.   Are these little pop-out stand ups?  Are these actually Brooklyn Dodger pogs?  From Ted Williams? 

Coming up next is the latest addition to my Campy collection.  This great Legends Of The Game card arrived just last week in a trade package from Kerry over at Cards On Cards.  This one went straight into the binder page before being scanned for my upcoming post about that trade.  Thanks for this great card, Kerry.   This one bumped a lesser card out (60YOT with overused photo) and completed the binder page!

The penultimate card arrived in a trade package as well...

  I totally dig these Sweet Spot classics and have several Dodgers from this set.  Sweet sepia photos and bronzed, etched borders give these past time heroes the respect they deserve.

Card backs keep up the nostalgic feeling.

Finally, the Centerpiece of the page..the oldest Campy card in my collection.  I wanted this card from the first time I saw it.  It features Campy smiling and sitting in a wheelchair after his tragic auto accident.

Growing up a Dodger fan, I saw Campy a few times.  The Dodgers would wheel him out onto the field on special occasions, such as Opening Day or special tribute nights.  He always received a warm and genuine standing ovation. You could really feel it was one big Dodger family within that applause.

I have only known Campy in a wheelchair, so this card reminds me of those moments.  I came across this card on a dealers table back in the 90's.  It was in decent shape and I hadda have it.  After a bit of price haggling, it was mine...

THANKS for reading everybody.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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