Monday, January 14, 2013

Binder Page Heroes Vintage Ed. (+1) Part 2

Hey everybody,

Here comes Part 2 of this vintage card binder page.  Where the last post, Part 1 , featured a couple of Bowman '55s, this one will feature cardboard from the early 60's.

First up is this cool World Series action card with Roger Maris.  This is a great photo showing everything we love about baseball in the 60's.  It's got the powerhouse yanks, unis with stirrups, a catcher decked out in old-time gear, classic WS bunting, people wearing suits and ties in the stands, and the best part of all, the giants losing.  :) 

OK trivia fans: Who's that playing first for the giants?  (answer follows the back of the card)

That's Orlando Cepeda at first base.  BOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

We've seen this guy before.  I think good ol' Night Owl featured him in a post about freaky dudes wearing freaky eye wear. 
    I snatched this card in the past topps giveaway contest. 

I noticed the card back mentions Brosnan wrote a book about baseball.  According to wikipedia, he wrote "The Long Season", which was considered the first behind-the-scenes look at baseball player's lives.   Apparently there were a number of players who were not too happy about that.  This was long before another Jim, by the name of Bouton,  wrote "Ball Four". 

Here's the +1 mentioned in the title.  While it's not an actual vintage card, I paired it in the binder page with Maris' WS Hero card.  I'm trying to build a small collection of Maris cards, but most of what I have are from releases after his playing days.

Here's a cool card that my old lady picked up for me at a yard sale.  :)

 Finally, below is a great pic of that classic Yank, Yogi Berra, posing at old Yankee Stadium.

How about that stat - by '61, Berra had played in 68 WS games! 68! Some guys never get to play in one.

THANKS for reading, everybody! 


  1. A '61 Roberts at a yard sale? Great find!

    I mentioned Brosnan in association with him becoming an author. He appeared in a card set of famous baseball writers.

    1. aha...i'll have to flog my research department.

      yeh, i was totally jazzed when she brought that Roberts card home!