Friday, March 21, 2014

Bad Camera Productions Presents: L.A. Kings Game Review

Hey everybody,

Taking a break today from The Grand Salami Of Trade Bait, I'd like to share a few pics and comments from my adventures last night.  I was invited on free ducats to last night's Kings vs Capitals hockey game at the Staples Center, right here in picturesque (at times) and vile (at times) downtown L.A..

My long-time readers know that I've done this a few times for outings to Dodger Stadium, such as "A Night At Chavez Ravineand "So I went To See Puig Play For Myself" from last season.  If you haven't read those posts, and you'd like to check out some cool pics and see a bit of behind-the-scenes at the stadium, I recommend you click on the links and check those posts out.

One major difference between those posts and this one - beyond the obvious difference in sports, is the quality of camera I had available.  I used my digital camera for those past posts, but this time I was equipped with only my lousy ipod camera.  Hence, the name "Bad Camera Productions". 

That said, since some of my readers and fellow bloggers are hockey fans, I figured what the heck - bear with the cheap photos and I think we'll have a pretty good ride.  And away we go....

Picturesque and vile downtown L.A. dead ahead.

Here's some trivia for those of you who wonder how old I am...Look over at the right hand edge of the photo at the electrical towers, the ones Godzilla loves to melt.  Just to the left of the towers, you will see a tiny building.  That's L.A. City Hall.  When I was born here, that was about the tallest building downtown.  It sure aint that anymore, but it's still a beautiful building to me. 

More trivia: Watch the original War Of The Worlds movie and you can see the attacking UFO's blowing it to bits.

 Staples Center!  And the grand statues. Below is Magic Johnson.  Yup, that's our Dodger connection...

Hey, It's a Capitals fan. BOOOOOO !!

Here's Oscar De La Hoya

We arrived just in time, walking into the arena mid-Star Spangled Banner...

Not two minutes into the game, and FIGHT!!!!

What a great brawl.  It went on for quite a long time, as the players kept slugging it out, and the refs were reluctant to get anywhere close.  Don't know who the Battling King was, but I'll declare him the winner as he landed a couple of awesome upper cuts and even a knee to the face.  Whew!

Action in front of the Capitals net as seen from our seats.

The Kings Ice Girls stopped by and danced a little dilly for us.  Check out homeboy in the white hair sitting with the wife.  Apparently he's not allowed to notice those three gorgeous ladies right in front of him. What torture!

The Kings held a 1-0 lead through 7/8ths of the game.  They gave up the tying goal in the final minutes and we went to overtime tied 1-1. 

The five minute overtime passed with nobody scoring, so we got a shootout - Awesome!

Three men shoot per team. Our first King missed, but we hit pay dirt on the second shot -

The Capitals came right back and tied it at 2-2.  Each team had one shot left...

The King's goalie Jonathan Quick blocked the Cap's third shot and the Kings won the night!

Turns out it was a historic night as Kings goalie Quick tied Rogie Vachon's record of 171 wins and Coach Darryl Sutter got his 500th win.  Congrats, gentlemen.

That's all folks.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm glad you had a great time. It looks like you had some great seats in the 200 section under the restaurant, and right behind the goal- Awesome!

    BTW, the Kings fighter in the 1st period was Kyle Clifford, or Cliffy-as diehard King fans prefer.

    It sucked that they gave up the tying goal in the 3rd, but at least the Kings won the game in the end.

    1. Thanks for the info. Cliffy rocked that Capital a few times.

      You called it, Ernest. We were in Section 217. Great seats!

      Always fun to walk out of the stadium - or in this case, the arena - with a win.