Friday, March 28, 2014

Grand Salami Of Trade Bait: Friday Night Earthquake Angels

Hey everybody,

Happy Saturday night.  Is the ground a-swaying out there where you live tonight?  I chose the Angels for tonight's trade bait, since we're playing in the Freeway Series this weekend, and as I was scanning these cards we had a pretty decent earthquake.  It was centered about 25 minutes away from me, and I felt the slip and slide fairly well.  I reckon if I felt it that strongly, those folks in La Habra (where it was centered) probably experienced a doozy.

I was trying to think of a witty introduction that would poke fun at those wacky names that the Vatos Locos of Beisbol de Anaheim love so much, when the earth suddenly stepped - or I should say, "rolled" - in and handed me a perfect title.  Thanks Mother Nature, but I'm now hoping for a peaceful ground underneath us all for the rest of the night.

Here come the Angels:

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