Monday, July 28, 2014

Dodgers Sweep The Giants! Trades From C.R. and K.B. Sweep ATBATT!

Aloha is an interesting word inasmuch that it can be used to express "Hello" as well as "Goodbye".  

Aloha was the word of  the weekend as the Dodgers swept into the Frisco Bay in second place, and then swept first place back to where it belongs, in beautiful Dodger Stadium. 

That epic sweepage calls for a big post with a whole buncha new Dodger cards to be shown. These came to me from two great bloggers and trading partners, Alex over at Chavez Ravining and Kerry who gives us the always entertaining and educational Cards on Cards.

Let's start off with these fine First Place Dodgers cards from Kerry. First up are two of this weekend's Sweeping Stars.

At times this season I've knocked Kemp when I thought he deserved it.  Now I gotta give credit where it's called for. Since he was moved out of center field, he has slowly but surely been reigniting his hitting.  This weekend he was a vital part of the offense, piling onto several Dodger rallies as they - SWEPT THE GIANTS! 

And how about this kid below? He's the new Dodgers center fielder and he feels fine.  Wild Horse Puig exploded during this weekend's SWEEP OF THE GIANTS hitting three triples and a double in one game, and making an over the shoulder,  Willie Mays catch look easy in the Giant's own CF during today's game. 

 Kerry completed the package with some 90's gold foil goodness from two of my past favorite Dodgers. The home whites look magnificent on these '95 Scores, and I dig the circle LA logo. 

Thanks for the great cards, Kerry. 

Next up is the first time Alex or I have sent anything out to each other. I'll be the first to admit I haven't sent anything in return yet, but Alex - and a few more of you out there - rest assured that I have cards set aside for y'all, and I'll get them to the post office as soon as I'm able to block out the time to prepare all of the packages in one mad flurry of blue tape and labels. 

On to the cards from Chavez Ravining. We'll start again with cards from members of the squad who just SWEPT THE GIANTS!

Hanley seems like he's always injured - or being injured by other teams, but when he's in the lineup, he is always a force to be reckoned with.  Hanley was feeling good this weekend, and it showed as he regularly bopped the ball around and ran the bases like we need him to do.  

Next up is odd man out Either.  He played briefly as a late inning sub or pinch hitter, and it appears he's a pine rider for the coming days (at least until the surprise midnight trade of Matt Kemp).

 Golden Bowman coolness brings up the leadoff batter for the First Place Dodgers. Gordon scored a heads up, kinda steal of home when Buster Posey hurriedly threw to first to get lumbering tank, A-Gon.  Giants, why hurry the throw when the guy running to first isn't exactly doing what we would call "running"? 

And then the great second ace who gets forgotten under all of Kershaw's acheivments, who pitched brilliantly to win the second game of the DODGERS SWEEPING THE GIANTS!
This package didn't have any Kershaw cards, but it contained plenty of cardboard goodness of the next best Dodger lefty ace to have cards from...

 Whats more - it's die-cut Koufax! BOO-YAH!

Airbrushed Koufax...

Hey Giants fans, what does Sandy's circle text say?
 Horizontal Koufax....

Sweet Dodger Blue No-Hitter Koufax...

 And finally, one with Koufax looking like everybody in the Dodger Nation felt after we SWEPT THE GIANTS and reclaimed First Place!

 Great, great cards Alex and Kerry. They really hit the spot after this weekend's....well, you know.  


  1. Did the Dodgers sweep the Giants? Kidding, of course! I get the feeling that LA/STL will somehow be meeting up in the postseason in '14. Nice haul of cardboard.

    1. Roger, I think you're right. LA/STL is becoming a great postseason rivalry.
      Wait, can you hear something? Something in the air? Ssssssssssssssswwwwwwwwweeeeeeeee.........

  2. Nice post! It's always a good day when the Giants get swept! I was curious if you still had those A's cards you put up for trade bait in March? Have a great evening.