Friday, August 1, 2014

I Make It To My First Game Of The Year - Bonus Aerosmith

It took more than half the season, but I finally got out to Dodger Stadium.  I was lured in by the above bobblehead featuring the four Dodgers who hit 30 (or more) homers back in 1977.  

The bobblehead is cool enough, but it seems Ron Cey might have a concussion, as one pupil is a bit larger than the other, and Reggie Smith looks perturbed to be hidden behind Cey. I really love the old time Dodger Stadium pavilion and scoreboard in the background.

The bobblehead was modeled after the photo below, which is featured on the box...

Here are some quick observances from last night's game - brought to you by Bad Camera Productions...

The game was a sellout, and it was a traffic nightmare trying to get into the stadium. I usually arrive early to avoid all of that drama, but we ran behind schedule, leaving me at the foot of the hill at 6:40 for a 7:10 start.  Ordinarily, that's not so bad, but last night, it held the potential to keep us bottle necked outside until the third inning.  

Luckily, I've been going to the stadium enough years to have a couple of "Plan B's" up my sleeve, and we walked into the stadium (clutching our precious new bobbleheads) just as Ace Kershaw was delivering the first pitch of the night. 

 It was an absolutely gorgeous night to be out at the Ravine, and with Beast Mode showing some stirrings of a resurgence, the Matt Kemp Marching and Chowder Society was out in full force. 

 Dodger Stadium is absolutely beautiful again this year, it was a beautiful warm summer evening, and there were plenty of beautiful gals attending the game.  

Victims of the traffic and parking lot jams were still arriving well into the fourth inning. 

Kershaw didn't exactly pitch a gem by his standards - giving up nine hits, but he struck out nine and pitched a complete game, which was fantastic.  I can't even remember the last time I saw a Dodger pitch a complete game. 

During the ninth inning chants of "MVP, MVP" started raining down on Kershaw, and it got me to thinking this team is becoming something special with a few legitimate candidates for MVP. 

Of course Kershaw should receive attention for that honor, but sparkplug Dee Gordon should also be considered.  While Kershaw gave up nine hits, he went into the ninth with a shutout, mainly thanks to Gordon's defense. 

Dee made four rally-killing defensive plays behind Kershaw with three double plays (one was unassisted), and a circus, basket catch.

Puig is another candidate for MVP chants. Last night he scored from first on a double by Jaguar Gonzalez.  He hesitated a bit at second, but has enough wild horse speed to still make it around and he gave us a dramatic, around-the-catcher slide at home plate to score the Dodgers' first run of the night.  Later he blasted a line drive shot into the left field pavilion for a solo home run, and hit a double. That kid is incredible.

Matt Kemp didn't contribute a lot last night as he was too eager in his first at bat, and later the Braves pitched around him. However, Beast Mode has been awakening, and if it's for real this time - look out! We might really have cause to shower Kemp with the ol' MVP chant that he used to hear, once again. 

 It took the Braves all nine innings to get to Kershaw, and above is a shot of them scoring their only run. Kid K lost the shutout, but stayed strong and got the final two outs along with the complete game win. He only needed 111 pitches to do it. 

Kershaw's win also sealed the Dodgers' longest winning streak of the year (6), and our second series sweep in a row.  

Afterward, we were off to my favorite post game eatin' joint...

 It was a great night, capped off by a delicious cheeseburger and chili fries.

BONUS - any Aerosmith fans out there? I saw Aerosmith two nights ago at the LA Forum, and all I can say is WOW!  They absolutely rocked the house with a setlist full of greatest hits and hidden gems. 

Steven Tyler has still got it as a front man, playing with and to the audience.  Joe Perry is burning up those guitars and you can just feel the energy shooting from between the band all the way out into the audience.  

They are giving it their all, and it packs quite a punch. If they're coming to your town, I highly recommend checking out this tour.

BTW - who wants new Ski Boots ?  

Aloha everybody!


  1. Rock Concert and Dodgers game! Quite the week you had my friend.

    1. It was the bomb week, Matt. Good times.

  2. can't wait for my bobblehead to arrive, although i wish i were at the game in person. thanks for the recap

    1. I love this bobblehead, it's great.
      Glad to know those recaps are useful :)

  3. That's a really cool bobblehead(s)!

    1. Yup - and all four heads are bobble-ized!

  4. Great game -- huge crowd! Gotta love a SoCal night in August.

    1. It's tough to beat a summer night at the ballpark :)