Monday, January 5, 2015

Dead Man Blogging

Did you see that movie "The Sixth Sense", in which Bruce Willis is dead, but he doesn't know it? 

"Why don't you see my blog updates?"
 Perhaps you saw any other number of movies where the main character is trying to interact with the world around him but he can't, because he's a ghost, and nobody can see him. 

Well, that's what I feel is happening to me lately here in Blogger.

For some reason I can't figure out - and apparently nobody else can, according to the help forums I've been reading - my blog posts are not updating on any of your blogrolls for at least 12 hours. 


 My most recent post, in which I introduced my other website to you all , took 14 hours to update! 

Which meant although I hit the "publish" button at 10 a.m. this morning, it didn't update on anyone's blogrolls until after midnight here on the west coast and after 3 a.m. in the east. 

This also meant it updated on your blogrolls as happening 14 hours ago, thus pushing it off the page of most blogrolls, never to be seen.

So here I am, writing a new post (about my last post ) in the hopes that this will show up on blogrolls now, or maybe 14 hours later, which will be tomorrow morning, and my original post will eventually be read. SHEESH!! 

If anybody has had this happen, and you fixed it, of course I would appreciate a little help with the problem. 

One other weird thing that happened was, about the same time my blog stopped updating in a timely manner, spam comments began to appear. 

I've been blogging 3 years now and NEVER got a spam comment until now. The first time that showed up was on my recent Nolan Ryan post, which coincidentally (?) was the first with delayed updating, and that post got three spam comments! 

In all these years I never used one of those captcha things because I hate them myself, and I figured it would stifle people from leaving comments because they don't want the hassle. Unfortuantely, it looks like I may have to go that route for the time being. 

I hadn't changed any blog settings, so I'm at a loss as to what the heck is going on.



  1. I have had a few posts get delayed before. Usually what I do is go into the edit function of the post and keep hitting update until it hits your feed.

  2. This happens a lot lately (about every 4th or 5th post for me). What I usually do is re-publish a couple of times and it eventually appears on the blog roll (I switch post to "draft", then publish again). If you want more detail, shoot me an email.

  3. Happened to me before and would do what matt and night owl said.

    1. Thanks Keith.
      Here's hoping this'll pass naturally and everything back to normal.
      This post only took one hour to show up. I can live with that.

  4. Got you up on my blogroll! Happy New Year!