Saturday, January 10, 2015

Past Gypsy Queen Binder Page Heroes

Welcome to another edition of Binder Page Heroes. 

Since the HOF recently inducted some new members, today ATBATT presents a binder page featuring some of the giants of the game - men who long ago earned plaques on those hallowed walls. 

The other reason I put this page together is I love Gypsy Queen cards. More than that, I love their inserts, and yet even more, I treasure those that have come to me in trades from all of you. 

Most of these cards came to me through trades, so you may recognize one you sent to me in the past.  Even if you didn't send one of these to me, you may recognize a great player from the past for your favorite team. 

Leading off is one of my all-time favorite players, and my vote for the best catcher ever...

 The extra bonus on this card is it features two members of The Big Red Machine (Bench and Davey Concepcion), but more than that, BOTH players on this card had their numbers retired by the Reds. 

 Tris Speaker is one of my favorites because he's got a name that was destined for baseball greatness, and he's got one of those cool old-time baseball sayings - his outfield position was "where triples go to die". 

And now a New York double headuh...

 How's this for a classic Yogism: "I really didn't say all those things I said." 

Another one of the greatest ever...

Continuing the domination of this page by east coast teams...
Sure DiMaggio was a great player, but he also married the woman that most American males over the age of 13 dreamed about.

 Aint these Hallmark Heroes absolutely beautiful cards? 

We started with Bench, so let's close out with Johnny B launching another one....

Aloha, ball! 

Wallet Card Bonus:
 Ex-Dodgers closer Eric Gagne celebrated his birthday this past week. Wallet Card took to twitter and my old "Game Over" t-shirt to wish Gagne a Happy Birthday:


  1. I'm going to have to track down those Speakers.. Beautiful cards

  2. I think I'm starting to feel the love for GQ. Great cards.

    1. Thanks. They really make the old time players look special.