Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is Your Blog's Name On One Of These PWE's? And More...

Aloha everybody,

Project Cardboard is underway. 

As I mentioned before, I'm getting a stack of PWE and bubble mailers ready for sending out. Although I have some ready to go, I've run into a couple of snags on some others. 

Snag #1: I have 8 envelopes stuffed and ready to go, but they lack home addresses. Check your email inboxes, because I've sent emails out requesting those addresses. 

Snag #2: There were 2 emails that got bounced back to me and one blog that I can't find any email address for. Here are the envelopes for those...

The blogs are:
Battlin' Bucs, 
This Way to the Clubhouse and 
Tenets of Wilson.

If one of those is your blog, all you gotta do is shoot an email to me with a home address, and I'll shoot that envelope out to you. 

Here's the "and more" part...

There are a number of folks whom I did have all the info for, and your PWE's are ready to go out. Here are the zipcodes:


I'll be heading out to the post office Tuesday or Thursday of next week - expect a PWE shortly after that. 

Hopefully those of you whom I sent emails to will have replied, and I'll be adding your PWE's to that batch as well.

I'll be putting together the bubble mailer portion of  Project Cardboard next week.  



  1. Well I'll be....the East Coast rep on that list of ZIPs, that is.

    I just might have an oddball set to send your way, my friend!

    1. Yeah man, Project Cardboard is gonna rock the East Coast.
      Three more East Coasters sent addresses to me this morning.