Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Zipped Him Cardboard - He Zapped Me Beauty

Aloha everybody,

I recently sent an oversized card of  Masanori Murakami, the first Japanese pitcher to play in the major leagues, to my friend and fellow trader, Zippy Zappy.

While I do consider the card I sent to ZZ beautiful, I had no idea he was going to turn around and send me some real examples of cardboard beauty. When I opened the package he sent to me, this was the first thing I saw...

Nice, right?
Turns out she was just a cute bookend (card-end?) that had lots more cardboard beauty hidden beneath. Check it out...

Leading off with a great Grip Shot

 ZZ's trade packages always contain these Japanese CardGen issues. I love this card of El Jaguar, A-Gon, standing at the plate, ready to pounce on a fastball. ZZ is always gracious enough to include a translation of the card back. Much appreciated, buddy!

Viva Puig inserts! Yasiel has been out a few weeks now with a bad hamstring. The good news is, he tore it up in his rehab assignment in AAA this week. Best part is he stole a base and ran down balls in the outfield showing no signs of a bad wheel. Just this morning he tweeted that he'll be back with the big club for tomorrow's game.

Speaking of inserts, here's a very cool card with the Dodgers' comeback player of the year. What makes this card so cool? It's the vanity pose, the card has a faux leather, wrinkly surface, and it's limited to 199. 

 Did somebody say "Cool"? How about a RC of the best young outfielder since ....last year. Just kidding there, as Young Joc is showing signs of being the next great center fielder for the Dodgers. He's a true five-tool player who makes Willie Mays style catches look easy, while swinging a big bat at the plate. 

Perhaps you've heard of the Duke of Flatbush? I'm saying it first - this kid is going to be the Duke of Chavez Ravine. 

How about some vintage? Thanks to ol' Hector here, I'm one step closer to completing my 1966 team set. 

ZZ added a note here asking me to trust him that Dodgers' prospect Jose De Leon is going to be good. Dodgers Nation agrees, and we're keeping watch on him. 
 De Leon had his OneOK debut last night:   7 innings pitched, 4 hits, 3 runs and 6 K's. 

I love me some tribute cards. Here's one for Kershaw's first no-hitter. 

  Staying with the pitchers vibe, one Kenley Closer Jansen. Kenley had a strange night this week in Colorado where apparently the altitude messed with his blood pressure. It's a touchy situation as Jansen has had heart trouble before. He didn't pitch that night - and he was sorely missed. The bullpen gave up the lead and lost. 

Almost last is this beauty, a RC of another young Dodgers sensation, shown here turning two on Tatooine. 

Guerrero has made quite a splash swinging a home-run loaded bat in his debut season. He crushed a grand slam the other night in Colorado to win the game just like we all imagined as kids. "9th inning, the team down by 3. Bases loaded and it's up to me.  2 outs, 2 strikes..." He lived the dream and won the game!

Some of you out there might remember Guererro having a chunk of his ear bitten off in a dugout fight with Miguel Olivo in AAA last season. 

That wasn't the final beauty...this is....

Our opposite side, cute bookend closes out this post as I send a hearty ARIGATO to good ol' ZZ. 

P.S. If you dig these idol cards, stop by and check out ZZs' latest post for a whoooooole lotta idols :) 



  1. I don't understand how that sweater works. I mean, it's just arms! Won't she still be cold, anyway? I mean, her torso is going to lose so much heat that way. At least she's got a flowered-top...that will help a little. But the rest of the thermal planning on this garment is all wrong.

    That's why you posted it right? To show what a ridiculous idea those sleeves were? :-)

    1. Lol Josh, ridiculous or not...I sure hope that sleeve sweater idea catches on! :)

  2. Lol, I'm glad you enjoyed the cards.

    Despite all the flack they've received the Ned Colletti regime put a nice foundation into place for the new Friedman regime to start from. I know a lot of Dodgers fans miss Kemp but I'm sure that Pederson has made it easier for them. I suppose the plan going forward is that Hector Olivera is going to do the same with Juan Uribe. And the best part is that the only big piece of their puzzle over 30 is A-Gon. They're built to win now and for the next few years.


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