Saturday, June 13, 2015

P-Town Tom Turned ATBATT Into T-Town (Trade Town)

Aloha everybody,

This week we met quite the milestone in my home, as my youngest son graduated from high school. That's not such a big deal for many of us, but as a couple of you out there already know, my son's graduation is a true miracle, as he barely survived his own birth. So Hurrah!!! for Michael, and his super accomplishment! 

Whomever first said, "Good things come in small packages", must have received a PWE from Tom (Waiting 'til Next Year) , because that small envelope was packed with cardboard goodness - of the Dodgers variety. 

Let's have a look at what Tom sent my way. First up are Brooklyn Dodgers cards from1990 Pacific Baseball Legends. This is the final set that Pacific released.

Never mind Erskine's card being cut off on the left side; that's just my bad scanning. Actually, these cards are so clean and sharp, they look like they came out of packs just yesterday. 

 Receiving cards with these two great Brooklyn Dodgers pitchers is absolutely fantastic. Tom really nailed it with these.

Coming up next, we jump to 2014 Classics, but sticking with the Brooklyn squad, the Duke of Flatbush...

 Just like an artsy movie that jumps its timeline back and forth, we leap back to the past with 1990 Swell...

 I love when I get a new Steve Garvey card for my collection - as a matter of fact, all of these PWE cards are welcome new additions. 

 More Brooklyn Dodgers with great photos...

 Let's leap back to the future with new Dodger, Jimmy Rollins...

 It seems Philly got rid of Rollins just in time, as he seems to have brought everything to the Dodgers but his bat. Poor Rollins has become an automatic out and a real hole in the Dodgers' batting order. 

Speaking of getting rid of guys just in time....

A ride to the 90's brings one of the great Dodgers of that era, the all-time LA Dodgers home run leader...

And Red Turn Two Turner. This is my first Turner card and it's a good 'un...

The PWE had a fantastic closer....

 Vintage, well-loved Maury Wills. Nice! 

The Dodgers' sports channel has a great commercial featuring Maury telling the story of how the crowds at Dodger Stadium were so loud when he was on first base, chanting, "Steal, Steal, Steal!", they could be heard in downtown LA. 

The legend is folks would hear the chant and know Wills was on first. I get Dodgers goose bumps every time I hear him tell that story. 

And I got baseball card goose bumps from this great PWE, Tom. THANKS a bunch! 



  1. I like the 1990 Pacific Legends and Swell sets.

    1. Same here. They're a great way to get low-price way to get cards from the old time players.

  2. I'm glad you liked the PWE. The Wills card was quite a find. Sometimes I feel like I'm ripping off the dealers at a show when I find well-loved CHEAP vintage. To me, that's the only way vintage cards should be: well-loved!

    1. That Wills card just blew me away! Thanks a lot for that one, especially.