Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sometimes Angels Work Through Packages From Texas

Aloha everybody,

Last night the Dodgers and Phillies played a marathon 4 1/2 hour game that ended with the Dodgers on top, 10-7. Whew!  

Looking at that score you  might think it was an epic slugfest filled with excitement. Nope. It was pretty much baseball torture as the final innings dragged on and on....and on. Watching that game would have convinced even the most anti-pitch-clock, baseball purist that somebody needed to call for a clock on those final pitchers. 

Speaking of epic, I recently received a package o' Dodger cards from an Angels fan who lives way out in Texas, so far away from his team, Tom from The Angels, In Order. I sent Tom a little ol' PWE, and he sent me a Texas-sized package of cards in return. Here are some of the highlights...

Nomahhh leads off in sparkling home whites.
 I love this "eyes on the ball" shot of Jeff Kent. Great photo of a professional hitter at work. 
 Eddie Murray cards are always welcome, as are cards with lurking ivy from the friendly confines. Eddie always managed to look like his batting helmets were too small.

These are my first Toys r Us cards. Nice additions. 

 Welcome to the jungle, Monsieur Gagne. 

 I'm not a big fan of Holly, but I'm pretty sure I had this same shirt back in the day. 

 Rafi hung up the spikes this season. Baseball's gonna miss his hustle. 

Here come a few oldies but goodies (cards and players)...

 Lovin' this Red Turn 2 Turner card. The gold frame really complements his red hair and beard. 

I especially love that D-back on his knees bowing to Dodgers awesomeness. All your pools are belong to us! 

 Mondy taping up is a nice change of pace photo, but I really appreciate the Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary patch. Maybe I should get one of those off the bay one day.
Finally, a great Piazza card. Very cool because it's new for my collection, I love the "barely there" mustache, and the rookie number 60, before Piazza became number 31. 

Thanks for the great cards, Tom. They're great additions to my collection.  



  1. "I especially love that D-back on his knees bowing to Dodgers awesomeness. All your pools are belong to us!"

    The best part about this is that that D-Back is Paul Goldschmidt who can legitimately give Mike Trout a run for his money as the best hitter in the big leagues.

    1. LoL, I wondered if anybody would pick up on that one. Good eye, ZZ

  2. They make the hitters stay in the batters box, but pitchers can still take as long as they want. This is especially true once relievers come in.

    1. it was BRUTAL waiting for those pitchers to deal. Sheesh!

  3. Replies
    1. Yup. As soon as I can gather up a fistful of Angels, they're all yours.

  4. Always loved Nomar. Great package of cards

    1. BTW - did you know Nomar is part of the Dodgers' broadcasting team? I love to hear him talk hitting alongside Orel Hershiser talking pitching. What a treat.

  5. Thanks, Mark. There was lots of cool stuff in there.