Sunday, July 5, 2015

It Doesn't Hoyt To Have This Giant In My Collection

Aloha everybody,

I've been away for a bit, but my love for our hobby hasn't ebbed - I've just been away with other things. I've got some free time tonight, so I figured why not update ATBATT and reconnect with my old blogger and collecting buddies. 

About a month ago, Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown held a contest - perhaps it was Twitter exclusive?  At any rate, I was lucky enough to win a PWE full of cards. 

Let's check out mah winnins....

Ordinarily, I would prefer not to have Giants in my collection, but I'll make exceptions - and one of those exceptions is for knuckleballers.That goes double for cards showing off that trademark knuckleball grip.

This card is a real beauty with its olive green complemented by shiny gold leaf framing and text. The photo shows Hoyt in a NY uniform, but lists him as a SF Giant. It's two variations of Giants...yechhhhh - but is that the Polo Grounds in the background?  I secretly dig this card.

In another card with a great old-time photo I got Hoyt releasing one of his patented knucklers. 

I don't know how Gavin knew to send me one of these Hall of Records inserts, but he made a great choice as I already have a couple others. I think I'm going to have to actively chase this insert set and complete it. 

Although this contest was centered around Hoyt, Gavin was cool enough to include cards from other players I collect. Check em out..

It's always great when I get a new Rickey card. 

And you can't go wrong by including cards of this sentimental favorite of mine...

 Gary Carter used to go to the Fullerton Boys and Girls Club when he was young, and he never forgot them. Right out of college I worked for the Fullerton Club, and Gary supported the club with money, sporting goods and memorabilia for fundraising auctions. He truly was an All-Star to me. 

Gavin knows I collect Dodgers, so he included some of the Boys in Blue...

The Dodgers have had plenty of great closers, but I feel Saito is totally overlooked as one of them. Everybody remembers the fireballers, but Saito had such great movement on his pitches, I never saw so many guys go down looking. I absolutely LOVED watching Saito pitch. Great card.

I love cards with Nomahhhhhh!!! 

You know who else I love cards of? PIAAAAAZZZZAAAAA!!!

This PWE was the bomb. Cool winnings from a cool dude, indeed. 
Thanks. Gavin! 



  1. Ha, cool! I had forgotten about that little contest. Congrats again and glad you like the cards.

    1. It was a fun contest and I'm very happy with the cards. Thanks again :)

  2. Glad to see you back! Great cards from Gavin.

    1. You won't get rid of me that easy, Matt. I love our hobby too much to stay gone for too long :)