Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mattingly's Dodgers Missed The World Series - These Dodgers Didn't

Aloha everybody,

We all know this year's Dodgers went BUST - but that hasn't always been the case, as the Boys in Blue have been to many a Fall Classic - winning their fair share, and leaving behind some legendary World Series moments in their wake. 

Tonight's post will run with the World Series theme, and show off a few cards from a few of my collecting passions:

1. The Dodgers
2. World Series highlights cards
3. World Series Heroes doing World Series shite. 

Leading off is the 1952 Brooklyn squad...

The celebration was short-lived, as the Dodgers went on to lose the series in seven games to the damn Yankees. 

Next up are a few cards celebrating the 1955 Fall Classic. First up is a card featuring another angle of the famous play featured on ATBATT's header photo, and the same play that spawned my nom de blog - here comes Jackie Robinson Stealing Home in Game 1 of the 1955 World Series...

Trivia Question: Who was at bat when Jackie stole home? 

A: It was pinch-hitter Frank Kellert, who went on to hit a single, and was quickly lifted for a pinch-runner. 

 The Duke of Flatbush was definitely a hero, as he blasted four home runs in the series. 

Finally, my personal hero from 1955, the first ever World Series MVP, Johnny Podres...
Podres pitched and won two complete games in the series, posting an ERA of 1.00

 Jumping forward to the 1959 World Series (hopefully I can complete this subset someday)...

Dig the mattress-style chest protector on the ump. 

Games 3, 4 and 5 took place in Los Angeles, so these cards feature the LA Coliseum in the background...

"Look ma, no ear flaps."

Here's another beautiful vintage subset I would love to complete; these cover the 1963 WS...

Once again the Yankees were the foes, and this time the Dodgers went on to sweep them. It was the first time the Yankees had ever been swept in four games, and the only World Series Championship the Dodgers ever clinched and won at Dodger Stadium. 

I've always thought this photo looks like someone is twisting Koufax's arm from behind. 

Finally tonight, from the last time the Dodgers were in the Fall Classic, a moment which needs no introduction...



  1. Could you imagine the blog hype if Upper Deck got a license and starting making Masterpieces again

    1. You're right, Matt. I'm pretty sure we would all go bonkers over that.

  2. To be fair the Dodgers' 2015 wasn't a huge bust. They made it to the postseason and their farm system is stronger than it was on day one. I'm sure a lot of teams would've loved to have the season the Dodgers did.

    1. You do have a point, ZZ, but the general mood in LA was "World Series or bust".
      I'm definitely looking forward to the youth that's coming up through the system - and double hoping the stats-heads in the front office don't pull another Dee Gordon and quickly trade away those premier young players.

    2. Well Andrew Friedman is no stranger to doing trades that the fan base probably won't be okay with (and later reminding spectators why they don't have a position of power in baseball operations). But that front office is a wizard at picking up young talent for nothing (to them). During the international free agent signing period he ended up trading away signing slots (the ability to spend money basically lol) to teams like the Jays and Braves for some pretty interesting prospects, some of which nicely slotted into the team's already stacked top 30 prospects list. As well as obtaining draft picks at the expense of taking on some player's multi-million dollar contract (and they later cut the guy barely a week after getting both him and the contract).

      The LAD front office is smart and rich. Dodger fans are in good hands. Meanwhile the rest of us live in fear and tremble.

    3. You make a good argument, ZZ. There are definitely some good players coming in the pipeline.