Friday, October 30, 2015

More World Series Heroes

Aloha everybody, 

The other day I dropped a post with Dodgers World Series Heroes, so tonight we'll take a look at some Fall Classic cardboard that doesn't feature Dodgers. 

How far we going back? We're going way back - Honus Wagner kinda back...

Maz's legendary WS home run isn't featured on the front of this attractive card, but the story of it is told on the back....

Let's roll out some vintage...

Gettin' the Mets mojo going!

This card absolutely drips baseball nostalgia. 

The Vacuum - In Action!

 Here come the damn Yankees! 

Did somebody say "World Series MVP?
Numbered to 99 - Awesome!

You can't say "Yankees in the World Series" without saying this guy's name...

I'll always remember just catching Joe Carter's WS-winning home run blast off of Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams from the hotel bar, as I kept slipping out of some fundraiser dinner to watch the game.

Joe Carter sez, "Aloha, baseball!"


  1. I love that 72 World Series subset

    1. Same here. So far, those two are the only ones I have.