Thursday, May 31, 2012

Calling All Dodger Bloggers

you know who you are...

Greg from Plashke's Sweater,
Roberto, who's got the best homeboy of 'em all,
little 'ol me (Stealing Home),
and the king of all bloggers - the mighty Night Owl.....

whew !  when bloggers from other teams say there are a lot of us, they aren't kidding !

and that's just the guys i can think of from the top of my head, and THAT'S just the ones i see around the baseball card blogs. 

 i know there's a bunch of others that i read from time to time who don't even blog about cards, but use their blogs to sing the praises of the Dodger Blue Nation, or break the latest Dodgers news or rumors, like mike scioscia's tragic illness and his cohorts.  i wonder if they look down upon us card geeks and our 'silly hobby', while they write serious blogs about serious matters.  yes, sometimes we even specialize in ranting about the unique frustrations of being a die hard Dodger fan - doncha miss Dodger Blues?

anyways, now that i've got your attention, i wanna make a pitch about an idea Dodgerbobble hatched after we met the other night at The Infield bobblehead night.  I'm suggesting the First Annual Dodger blogger night out at the Ravine. 

it's a chance for us to meet over a beer, take a few pics, whip up some good blog material, and cheer on our favorite team.  sounds corny? hell yeh, it does.  that's why it just might work.  i'll bet half of you are already season ticket holders and you'll be there anyway.

before we start getting ahead of ourselves with choosing what game to meet at, and where to have a beer pregame, and so on...i just wanna put out this feeler and see if i can get a couple of you interested.  just drop a comment here if you're down for this idea, perhaps suggest a game or two for options,  and then we'll go about getting shite organized.   i know you're on the least coast, Night Owl, but i also know you'll be there in spirit. THAT"S how impossible this improbable idea is. 

Besides, i need something to get my mind off this losing streak funk that we're in...


  1. If I was living 2,500 miles to the west, I'd be there ...

  2. down, I'll be at all of the bobblehead games.

  3. I am in! I am going to around 20 more games this year so, why not add one more? I suggest we meet at ye ole rustic in los feliz for a pregame beer.

  4. thanks for the quick comments and the enthusiasm. hopefully, we'll be able to get a few more of us involved.
    i'm eager to check out that ye old rustic, speigel. just tell me i can get a GOOD beer (i.e. not bud or tecate light) on tap there.
    i got an email from ernesto over at Dodger Blue Heaven saying he'd like to join us as well.
    i suggest pimping this call out on your blogs because i'm sure all the Dodger bloggers don't read my site. we just might make this a pretty cool thang !
    now we need a blogger with mad design skills to design our t-shirts LoL

  5. Something tells me getting all three Twins bloggers to a Twins game might be easier. lol

  6. i would definitely be interested. not sure that i'll make it back to socal this year, though. maybe next year? in the meantime, crackin' wax, i would be happy to join the twins bloggers at target field sometime.

  7. hey guys - looks like i'm not gonna make it to the scioscia bobble head night, but i would love to plan our blogger night for the alston/lasorda bobblehead or the gibby bobblehead night.

    i plan to post on it later this week...weekend? so think about it and comment on the post coming up. thanks !

    C.W. and GCRL - would love to join you guys for a twins game as well....and yup, c.w., it might be easier to heard cats than Dodger bloggers.

  8. lol - i should have said - easier to spell herd :P