Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ATBATT's Blog Recommendation Of The Day

And now fellow bloggers and beloved readers, it's time to add a GREAT NEW FEATURE to this humble little blog.

Presented for your enjoyment,
The Blog Recommendation Of The Day 

Of course I'm not going to read every blog on my Righteous Roll every day and then make some kind of critical and educated choice.  I probably read the blogs much like you do - I read a few because they're my favorites, and I read others based on topic, introductory photo or catchy title.  Unfortunately, how much free time I have available that day influences my choices way too much. 

Even though Sir Night Owl and Prince Nick of Dime Boxes are among our greatest writers, some days my window for online fun is limited and I just don't have the time to read all that wonderful cardboard-inspired prose.  Heck, sometimes I barely have time to check on my team's standings and whether or not I snagged anything from the Pack A Daily Circus .

All of that said, the Recommendation Of The Day will be picked from whatever blogs I happened to read on said day.  

Criteria: It's the most enlightening, intriguing and/or witty post I've come across that day.  In other words, I've found a post so cool, it should be shared with others whom I trust will be equally entertained as I was.  

The First Ever 
Blog Recommendation Of The Day:

Chosen for three reasons. Master Collector Fuji reveals he is truly beyond redemption as a committed collector, he offers up a question that's intriguing, and it gives you an opportunity for entry into his contest. 

Honorable Mention 
(won't be a regular feature, but works today):

Before clicking on that, you gotta ask yourself one question...

How often do you hear Clint Eastwood singin' a barn door git to drinkin' song? 

Well, is it often, punk?


  1. Thanks for the mention. I will work music into as many conversations as I can. Trust me -- I'm okay. :-)

  2. It's a great new addition to blogolandia, dude.

  3. Can't argue with your choices. Two of my favorites!