Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'd Walk The Plank For Cool Cardboard

Hey everybody,

This might be my favorite trade of all that resulted from ATBATT's recent "Grand Salami of Trade Bait" campaign - at least up to this point.  I posted up a fistful of Pirates cards, and through a plug from Zawkin of Plashke fame, I met super cool Matt from Bob Walk The Plank , and a fantastic trade was born.

One of the cards I offered up was a beautiful bat relic, numbered to 99, of the great Willie Stargell. Matt said that got the ball rolling for him to trade, and the final card we'll see later, is the one that sealed the deal from my end.  If you've got some Pirates stuff, I highly recommend trading with Matt.  

Let's check out the highlights of the awesome Dodgers cardboard that came from deep in Pirates country over to me...

My son and I were huuuuge Shawn Green fans during his stint with the Dodgers.  He put up incredible power numbers while wearing Dodger Blue and more than held his own against the steroid freaks that surrounded him all around the leagues.

The coolness factor of this card is upped when you flip it around and see the rear of the bat slice as it's encased in a clear window on both sides.  Did I mention the card is numbered 5/10?!  

Some like-a the bat cards, some like-a the jersey cards.  One jersey card, coming up!

How about this Rafael Furcal bat card....

I loved when Rafi was with the Dodgers.  He played solid defense, always got on base, and almost always stole the next base. I especially dig this card because Furcal's in a bunt posture.  Nobody could pull off the drag bunt for a base hit like good ol' Rafi.

From past Dodgers to the everyday second baseman, Dee Gordon, in a beautifully designed card featuring my favorite color...

 I'm seeing the words "the most hated man in baseball" being attached more and more to Yasiel.  Really?  I guess being inside the Dodger bubble I really don't hear too much about that hate business.

Sure, we get frustrated with his wyld stallion style on the basepaths and in the outfield, but we don't hate the guy.  What makes him so hated?  Is it the batflips when he should be running out off-the-wall doubles?  I prefer to think he's just giving the other team a chance to try and get him out before he bolts all the way to home on an off-the-wall double.

Matt sent over a slew of these beautiful Prizm cards.  The above Kershaw is my favorite of the bunch.  What's better than a chromed up, shiny card of the best pitcher in baseball wearing the Red, White and Blue for Team USA ?

Better or not, this next one is very cool also.  Opening Day did a great job with the 3-D effect... 

 Almost finished, here's the star card of the deal for me. When I saw this baby, I knew this trade hadda happen. 

This guy is one of my heroes from the Brooklyn days, and even though most other Dodger collectors probably have multiple autos from him, and his auto can be found pretty easily on the Bay, I still didn't have one in my collection.  This was my chance...

Presenting Johnny Podres, World Series Hero, on a beautiful, refractory, well-designed card.  The auto is clean and easy to read, and it's numbered to 199. Awesome.

Podres was the World Series MVP in 1955.  He mowed them evil Yankees down and pitched a shutout in Game 7, to lock down the only championship the Brooklyn squad ever won. 

But that's not all! Beyond the cards, even the trade package had something cool...

Sweet baseball stamps of some great HOFers.  Nice touch. 

THANKS for the great trade, Matt.  Looking forward to the next one.  


  1. That first Green relic is sweet. Great cards.

    1. Thanks, man. This one was a great trade for both sides.

  2. Glad you liked the cards. The cool thing about the Podres was that I received it when Topps couldn't fill a Pedro Alvarez redemption. I wasn't thrilled about it, but it made good trade bait. Thanks again for the trade and I'm looking forward to our next one.

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    1. Come on back, Tony. I gots to know what's on yer mind :)