Saturday, May 6, 2017

Card Show Haul

Aloha, everybody, 

Everyone loves personal time. Personal time plus spending money is even better. When this combination falls my way, I love to hop in the car and drive out to the Saturday card show. I was lucky enough to do that a couple of times last month, and I'd like to show some of the cards I came upon while I was out. 

Leading off is a quick pick up of my favorite dual sport athlete. Step aside, Tim Tebow...
 Back in the 90s, when Donruss used to be able to show logos, they were my favorite brand. One reason was their inserts. I loved chasing - and catching those inserts. One of my favorites was Press Proofs. 

While browsing the dealer boxes I came upon this Press Proof, numbered 64/199. I picked it up with Matt in mind, but if Matt doesn't want/need it, I'll be happy to pass it on to someone else, or add it to my (very small) press proof collection...

Here's a new addition to my defunct teams collection. This comes from a 1962 oddball release...

I tried to come up with a "shadow shot" interpretation for the card, but I only drew a blank. I suppose I would fail a psychiatrist's ink blot test as well. 

Coming up is one that I've seen around and been chasing for a while. Finally, I've got my own copy of the Flying Spikes card...

These next two will notch two more off my vintage Dodgers team sets. First up from 1958 Topps is Don Bessent. I can't believe I'm down to 11 needed for this year...

I've still got a long way to go for 1959, but Mr. Kipp chips one more away. 

Check out his signature. It reminds me of my father's autograph. My father was a southpaw that the army forced to be a right-hander. He always signed like that afterward...

I don't usually pick up Fleer from this era, but I hadda have this one for a lotta reasons...

Sure, it's a little chewy, but what vintage lover would not love this Zinzinatti vintage? From 1960 Topps...

 Here are a couple more Dodgers for the team sets...

These are for my World Series subsets, and I'm now just two cards shy of completion for the 1971 WS...

Finally, this guy...

I couldn't resist those glasses, and he fits right into my Defunct Teams collection, so I snatched it up. 

I also picked up some surprises for a couple of my trade partners, but they're surprises, so you won't see them today. 

Enjoy your weekends, everybody, wherever you may be. 



  1. Cobb Masterpiece is aptly named! Gorgeous card!

    1. Yup. I hunted that one for a long time

  2. That Cobb is one of the best cards ever, no doubt.

    1. It's crazy how many of these "must have" cards that I still don't have

  3. dude....where is there a card show?

    1. Frank & Sons in Walnut (exit the Pomona Fwy at Fairway) each Wednesday evening and Saturdays.

    2. Yup - single daddy below got it.
      Only a few baseball dealers. Tons of gamer and figure collector booths if you dig that stuff.

  4. As for the Shadow, I see a diver looking at something he picked up from the bottom. :) Nice grabs.

  5. Replies
    1. I had my eyes on it but didn't buy it at first. Luckily, when I decided I wanted it, it was still there waiting for me. I really dig that card now that it's in my collection

  6. i love all those photos, look very awesome. :D


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