Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hope It's Not 30 Years Till The Next Kingly Trades

 hey everybody,

since the new owners of my team have tossed millions upon TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars into unproven foreign talents,signing giant contracts with the talents we do have, and millions upon more millions into bringing fish and fillies over here - and the best we can do is win 3, lose 4, win 3, then lose 4 again - i guess i'll just have to focus on what doesn't frustrate, baffle and perplex me, my cardboard collection.

here are the latest additions, thanks to my great trading partners.  leading off, is kevin, who the rest of the world knows as The Diamond King...

check out these way cool die-cuts.  the backs detail how the player led his team to that year's pennant (Reese in 1947 and Campy in 1953), and the cards are numbered up to that year. 

last night at the game i sat next to a guy wearing a Gagne jersey.  not only that, but he shared Gagne's size, and was proudly sprouting that Gagne signature chin bush.  dude - just commit to the goggles and be done with it, already!

those were great cards, kevin.  i really dig those pennant die-cuts.  next up is my first trade with Brian over at 30 Year Cardboard.    brian sent a great bunch of cards, and here's some highlights...
always nice to get cards from a couple of my all-time favorite Dodger pitchers.  the southpaw tossing the unhittable screwball, Fernando Valenzuela, and bringing the heat from the right side, Pedro's bad-ass big brother, Ramon Martinez.

i've seen these 'ring of honor' cards floating around, and i really love the design. i dont necessarily want to chase the whole set, but i definitely could get into putting together a binder page or two of these beauties. 

 you say your team had willie mays?  oh, you guys had mantle?  we had the Duke of Flatbush

THANKS for the great trades, gentlemen.  as always, looking forward to the next one !

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