Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Trade Pitch Was A Heater !

hey everybody,

yet another trade post, and i'm always incredibly stoked to post 'em up.  this was a first-time trade with Ryan's Pitch.

 Ryan runs a great blog and turns out he's an even greater trader.  this trade actually started a while back, when i first contacted him about helping fill some holes in his GQ want list.  in the end, i was only able to fill one of those slots, but since Ryan's such a cool dude, he sent over a nice assortment of cards. here's a few highlights...

doncha love this set?  beautiful cards

how about this one?  these are great yaz cards.  thanks, Ryan

this past weekend i was going through some Dodgers memorabilia and i came across a signed baseball i got from 'Sweet Lou'.  he even signed it 'Sweet Lou Johnson' on the ball for me.  he's a WS hero, and he scored the only Dodger's run in Sandy Koufax's perfect game.

didja know Bobby V. is married to the daughter of Ralph Branca?

how about this great 1960 card! there's a ton of Dodgers in 60 topps, but this Larker allows me to fill one full binder page of base Dodgers.  :) 
THANKS for an awesome first trade, Ryan.  Looking forward to another soon.

Next Post:  A trade with a guy that hoots !

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