Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not One Dimwit In This Trade Stack

hey everybody,

here's a quick trade post featuring a great haul o' cards that arrived from sam over at The Daily Dimwit.   as i mentioned in my last post, i collect HOFers as well as Dodgers, and sam sent over a sweet assortment of said accomplished ballplayers.  check out some highlights...

this card is absolutely great.  classic, simple design and its got a beautiful finish.  it's my favorite card from the trade, and sam threw it in as a surprise. very nice.

how about some miiiiinnniiiii phiiiilliiiiiiieees?  the way the Dodgers G.M. ned (andruw jones, jim thome, juan uribe) coletti  is trading my team into the phillies west, he would probably approve of these guys joining my collection. 

more all-time batsmen in miiiiinniiiii format.  how about yaz with one green socktop.  can anyone tell me what that's about?

i can't have too many mickey mantle cards. the back of this card says home run #515 was hit completely OUTTA tiger stadium.  he was the second guy to do it. who was the first, you ask?  none other than teddy ballgame.

this card is a riff off of mantle's '56 card.  the original '56 featured this catch at the outfield wall, but topps dropped in this new crop job with the mick holding some kinda giant softball.  huh ???  the back of the card features a list of cool mantle WS stats.

this mazeroski card was what i requested from sam.  it commemorates the ONLY time a WS ended on a walk-off home run.  what an awesome moment in baseball history.   as for the other card...the less said about that moment, the better. 

of course, i got some cool Dodger cards in the mix.  the design on these is awesome. 

THANKS for another great trade, sam! 

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