Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trade With The Big Bad Owl

hey everybody,

today is a good day because there's no way the Dodgers can lose.  in the absence of a Dodger game to watch, here comes a post from a trade with the person who is consistently the most generous of all my trading partners, good ol' Greg over at Night Owl Cards.  

One would think that being bothcollectors and fans of the same team, we would hardly have anything left to possibly trade, Dodgers-wise, but happily, that has not been the case yet.   Greg and i pretty much just send each other blind stacks of cards, and it's amazing how he still manages to send cards that are new for me.  Greg consistently sends me cool looking inserts or vintage of Dodger heroes, well beyond base cards of obscure bench riders. 

here's some highlights from our latest stack fer stack trade off...

new for my collection.  team card of the Boys in Blue.  very cool.

unwittingly, and without trying, i'm growing a pretty fair Eric Gagne collection.   that's due to all my trading buddies out there.  thanks, everyone.

here's a great side by side example of simple and complex card designs that couldn't be more different, yet are equally satisfying to my eye. 

since their first appearance, i've loved these special edition cards and that mirror finish.  i pulled very few Dodgers back in the day, so this Ramon Martinez is highly appreciated, despite the fact he seems to be pitching in shallow water.

here's another cool mirror finish high-shine embossed card that looks crappy on my scan, but is awesome in person.

i recently received my first of these 'ring of honor' cards in a trade(Duke Snider was first), and then BANG! just 48 hours later, i get another one.  Dodger bloggers just seem to know what we each want.

finally, a great card from one of my earliest favorite Dodgers. 

THANKS for another great trade, Night Owl!

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  1. Gotta love getting cards from another Dodger fan. You never have to take anything back!