Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not All Traders Suck

derek over at tomohawk chopping recently posted about a bad trading experience.  i'm not gonna rehash it here, and if you care about my opinion on that topic,  just check out what i said on the comments.

a couple of you may have wondered why i haven't posted in a while.  my last post was about wilbert robinson.  i've been away because school just started and i've been crazy busy.  i missed posting here, but i tried to keep up with all your blogs and comment when i had a minute. 

this post is a shout out for a few great traders - not my ultimate list - just the latest to join the list.  i also wanna show off a couple of cool autos i got from former Dodgers catcher, Steve Yeager.  thanks to a heads up from roberto over at vin scully is my homeboy, i ran over to catch a yeager auto and was not disappointed.

first up is arpsmith and this was our first trade.  he's an awesome trader - double recommended.  he sent me a fantastic package full of cool liquorfractors, some nice additions for my jackie collection, and other shiny goodness.  today i bring the vintage (and a couple other favorites)

'64 topps  ron went on to be the long time pitching coach under lasorda's reign.

related to our discussion about what constitutes 'vintage', this is my cut-off point: 1980

arpsmith tossed in a GU.  aside from the 1% of negative trades, it's the generosity of others that makes me so glad i made the leap and joined our community.

it's the legendary mini-75 that night owl brilliantly deconstructed in his post about the oddity of koufax wearing a Brooklyn cap with an LA jersey.   ANY koufax is great cardboard and will always be worth 1000 lynce - yawns. 

THANKS for the awesome trade, arpsmith !

batting second is jeff over at my sports obsession.  jeff and i are getting a little history of  several trades now.  this one was a small trade, and one i was very happy to close:

limited numbers, low number, beautiful design, and YAZ.  very cool card.

aint this one a sweet hunk a cloth?  every time i see that clip of mike schmidt retiring and breaking into tears...i dont wanna laugh.  i feel it too.  THANKS for another cool trade, jeff !

next up, is troll.  homeboy's got a few blogs and a busy life.  part of that busy life is being involved in roller derby.  i wish i loved close, cuz i would love to take in a match and have a brew with troll.  there's something about a roller derby girl....

troll digs vintage same as me and almost as soon as i got my first Alston card, he helped me with an upgrade.

did i mention i dig vintage? not my first '50 bowman, but the first Dodger.  THIS is why i love our community.
troll included a half dozen '71 dodgers. when my old man went into the army, it was in the days they didn't look kindly upon left handers. he was forced to write with his right hand and forever afterward he signed his name with the same kinda shaky, over-thinking style i see in osteen's sig.

yet even more '64 topps.

i've said before, but i'll say one more time:  sure kent was an ex-hated one, but when he played for us, seems he always went balls-out (pardon my french, ladies) and gave 110%.

floating heads. i wonder if back in the day, these cards gave nightmares to sensitive kids.  THANKS for the trade, troll !

batting clean up are the yeager autos.  the boomer was signing autos over at a restaurant in long beach.  free auto, just buy a meal.  great deal ! i was there.  turns out it was a kick ass pizza parlor sports bar.  it was also the day of the 49ers-saints playoff game and the GREATEST FOURTH QUARTER EVER.  what a blast to be among 150 49er fans and 6 saints fans riding the roller coaster of emotions that day.  yeager was super cool. he took the time to be genuinely friendly with everyone.  a first class guy and he treated us all like first class fans.

i got 2 of these bad boys. i'm gonna send one over to certain fellow dodger fan who's over on the east coast and doesn't have access to cool Dodgers events like this.  i got your back, brother.  this'll be included in our next mega-Dodgers trade.


  1. Glad you liked the cards, I appreciate the trade.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am not the author of Crinkly Wrappers, thinking of starting a blog but haven't taken the plunge yet. Don't want to steal credit for his nice work.

    I am just a lonely (in the blogging community) Giants fan who enjoys the writing and posting of the blogging community.

    Thanks again for the trade. Adam

  2. In your school induced haze, you may have gotten me mixed up with someone else. Great trades though.

  3. adam - totally my bad. i tried to connect who with what and screwed the pooch. i got it straight now. looking forward to the next trade.

    ted - i know i'm not exactly thrilled when i get mixed up with someone else. wont happen again. if anything, now i learned we gotta get around to finding some common ground and getting a trade going.

    night owl - yup. thought you would like that.

  4. Thanks for the mention! The Yeager autographs came out nice. :)