Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TeamMates Trade Bait

 ATBATT's first-ever 'teammates edition'.  tonights cards for you to browse feature The Rocket and The Hot Dog. check em out....

big mo signed a couple of cards for me TTM. nice signature and placement on the card. i treasure those.

the gimmick here is those baseballs are comin' at ya in 3-D !  


  1. What was the address that you used for the mo vaughn ttm cause i wana send one to big mo

  2. Why do you always make it so tough to scroll past your header images?

  3. dominic - it was such a long time ago - i honestly dont remember the address. but - i do remember i got it from a tuff stuff magaizine. they used to have the address of where to write for autos - divided by teams, and some individual players. that was a great source cuz it got me a lot of TTM success. good luck!

  4. CH - LOL, i find myself opening my blog 10 times more often than i really have to.