Friday, January 6, 2012

Trade Loot from a Mystery

If we kept really strict rules here in the blogo-world, i would have to turn in my blogger membership card for this.  right after the new year i had a great day - postally.  i received 3 trade packages - 2 bubble mailers and an envelope.

i recognized the names on two of them immediately.  the envelope was from tom over at The Angels, In Order  and one of the bubble mailers was from the newly elected Blogger O' The Year.  Night Owl's package felt like he sent me two small books !  more on those two terrific trades in a later post.

here's the mystery part and why i might have to turn in my trader's badge.  i can't place who the heck sent me the other bubble mailer. it's from 'boehm'.  i searched my email archives and my semi-sloppy trade records - nothing. blanks.  i cant recall any past trade discussions with boehm.  LOL. 

a part of me wants to believe this is one of those blogger experiences i have read of on other people's blogs....the legendary Package Sent Out Of The Blue.  no reason, just because.  more likely, this is just a trade i forgot about. oops.

that said, boehm's package was awesome !! it was chock full of stuff i had never seen before and cool cards from my 'What I Collect' page.  check out this loot !

I got a nice bunch from this set.  my binder pages are gonna look great when this who's who of baseball heroes is complete.


i thought i owned every fernando card i wanted.  but i didnt know i wanted this one till i saw it. not only is it exclusive, it's limited - dammit! i dig the squirt colors border. fernando's hair was never bushier, and clearly, he's wearing the weight of the dodgers season - nay, of the world!  - on his brow. 

more of who's who coolness

can't have a who's who of baseball history without multiple dodgers

a great vintage sticker.

check out saxy's arms. dang. when i was a kid, that's what i wanted.  arms big enough to fill out that baseball jersey just right. instead i had stupid spaghetti arms - and glasses !

great card of a world series hero

i dig this set. think i might start chasing it seriously

of course, the man. sweet enough card on the front, yes...but then i flipped it over, and saw something i'm sure is only meaningful to me, but its cool in that 'simple things of life' kinda way.   i saw my blogger name on the back...

told you only i would care.  LOL.  this was only a small part of that mailer. there was lots good stuff within.  THANKS  for the awesome package boehm.  wherever, whoever, you are.