Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trade Loot from The Quarry

Traded with that rockies fan over in the Quarry.  turns out johnnie is a great trader as you will see below.  he was awesome in helping me fill out some holes in my scioscia collection.  i got some great cards of 'the rock' in action....

First up, respect to the skipper

awesome toe to toe with an ump. 

i refer to scioscia as 'the rock' because in his day, nobody blocked a plate better than iron mike.  when he left the Dodgers they played a career highlights video on the jumbotron.  the soundtrack was bob seger singing 'like a rock'

totally high school football photo, complete with harsh lighting.  thomas was my favorite dodger for while. 

an extra treat...a cool jackie game card oddball.  THANKS for the trade, johnnie !!


  1. I love that Scioscia card of him arguing with the ump. The ump was probably wrong.

  2. yeh - it quickly became my favorite scioscia card. gotta love that finger to the face.

    blind-ass, outta position ump.