Sunday, January 22, 2012

Worst Trade Bait Ever !

i've had these cards scanned and sitting in my hard drive for a very long time.  in all good consciousness as a Dodgers fan, there's no way i should post this next batch of trade bait, but ... it's even more true these have absolutely no place within my Dodgers abode.   thus i gotta post em so's i can trade 'em.

the flip side holds a bit of irony as i can turn these atrocities into cards i actually want in my collection... thus proving the theory that lead can actually be spun into gold.  i will now let the atrocities speak for themselves...

1 comment:

  1. I could use a few of those and take the evil bonds cards out of your hands. Here are the ones I need:
    Pinnacle Swing Men
    94 Stadium Club
    94 Collectors Choice up close and personal
    93 Leaf
    95 Score Hitters Inc. gold rush
    96 topps star power
    97 Upper deck
    96 classic confrontations

    I will see what additional Dodgers I can get together for you if you are interested.

    Thanks, Adam