Saturday, September 8, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 3

hey everybody,

time for the next installment of Binder Page Heroes.  let's spend a few minutes checking out some cool cards.
today we have the 1976 topps subset "all-time all-stars".

 the lineup featured one player for each of the 9 baseball positions, including one left and one right-handed pitcher each.  the card fronts feature a red, white and blue-centric design that looks even better as the years go by.  the backs of the cards are straightforward, old school topps, listing the player's career stats year by year.  let's check em out...

Babe was the defining line between the 'dead ball' and 'live ball' eras.  did you know foul poles were invented because of the babe?  he was the first guy to regularly hit balls so far down the line that umps needed an aid to help them call fair or foul.

 The Flying Dutchman   "When he fielded grounders, his huge hands also collected large scoops of infield dirt, which accompanied his throws to first like the tail of a comet."

Lifetime W/L 300-141.  Struck out the side on 9 pitches twice in his career, both times in the same season.  it was said he could throw a lamb chop past a wolf.

13 seasons with 100 or more RBI's.  first ever to hit 4 HR's in a game.  of course, 'the luckiest man on the face of the earth'.

did you know mickey mantle was named after this guy?

did you know this guy was marie callendar's boyfriend?

set 90 MLB records in his career.  5 times he got on first, then stole second, third and home.  cobb was the youngest player to get 3,000 hits (until kaline), and he did it in less at bats than anyone.

teddy ballgame's head is frozen !

carrer record: over 400 wins and an ERA of 2.17, and 11 seasons with an ERA under 2.  10 times in a row he had 20-win seasons.  still holds the record for most shutouts: 110.

i need only one more guy to finish this set: rogers hornsby.  (hint, hint)


  1. Only two more to go? If I had any of these I would certainly send you some. Very spectacular cards.

    1. thanks a lot for your comment and for reading, michael. yeh, they are a great looking set.