Thursday, September 20, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 6 Tribute Cards Edition

hey everybody,

how you all doing? boy, my Dodgers are stinking it up these days.

i'm losing confidence in Mattingly as a manager.  i gave him lots of pass for being green, but he sure as heck doesn't seem to show any kind of knack toward learning and adjusting when it comes to managing a line up and making best use of the cards he done been dealt.

case in point:  Matt Kemp is officially batting like juan uribe - yes, THAT juan uribe.  sure, he's hitting .300, but that BA has been running on fumes for a month.  for the past month he's been an automatic out -  or, if someone's on base, an automatic double play - but Mattingly continues to blindly bat Kemp in the 3 spot or cleanup.   equally for the past month he buried one of the hottest Dodger bats, Luis Cruuuuz, low in the lineup with no opportunities to extend innings, knock in RBI's or generate any heat or momentum for the team.

That's only one (month long) example. He's mangled the line up throughout this season.
OK, venting completed.
 Today i'm presenting the Tribute Cards Edition of Binder Page Heroes.  These are cards paying tribute to past sets and past great players.  Just for fun, let's enjoy...

Most of you know i love vintage, and i love the old time sets.  i can never really buy any good condition cards from these releases, so tributes and reprints are my doorway in.

1905 WS.  Mathewson starts game 1.  Pitches shutout.  Pitches Game 3.  Another shutout win.  Pitches Game 5. Shutout.  3 complete games, no runs.  Bad to the Bone.

every time i'm flipping through my binder, i always stop and admire this little work of cardboard art.

how awesome is this card? does anyone remember that frank thomas card where he's giant sized and has one foot inside the stadium?  that's one of my favorites of his.

over 500 HRs. career .345 BA. 9 times all- star. 2 times WS champion. 3 times AL MVP.  not bad.

i love this set's design.  the green of outfield grass, faux curtain design along the top, and great photos of the old timers.

simple, classic beauty in design and color.  besides, this is the only way i EVER get close to a lou gehrig baseball card in my binder.

more art. i love that sky which reminds me of the times we would play baseball right up to the last minute as ribbons of sunset brought darkness and the inevitable final at bat.

 THANKS for reading, everybody !

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  1. All of these are some of my favorite cards from the last few years. I especially loved Topps' "Vintage Legends" concept, the Foxx is one of my favorites from those.