Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Loot from a Dimwit Break (and a cool surprise)

hey there everybody,

let's take a break from griping about last night's MNF game long enough to check out these cool cards that i picked up in last month's break over at The Daily Dimwit.

before we get into that loot, let's check out the cool surprise i teased about in the title...

yup..its my long-awaited Koufax autograph that i caught in a group break over at Community Gum before summer.  it was a long wait, but worth it. 

O.K., now on to the group break loot from Sam over at the Dimwit.  I always feel so bad to refer to Sam as a Dimwit, but that's the name o' the blog, so i roll with it.  BTW - if you're an angels fan like Tom over at The Angels In Order - you might be interested in seeing the angels cards i got, as they were my second team.  i caught a hit from the break, and that was a pretty good angel... 

but first, let's see the Dodgers cards that came from the 2007 masterpieces box..

 boy, i love this set.

another fantastic addition for my Robinson collection.  i totally dig this card showing Jackie's history-making moment in signing with the Dodgers. the design of the set seems tailor made to match the moment.

there's always room for a new Piazza card !

this was a very nice surprise.  a Koufax box-topper !   i also caught the regular size version of this card.

i've seen this card bouncing around ebay but never pulled the trigger on it, been secretly hoping i'm gonna open a trade package and find it inside, been checking all your blogs to see if you're offering it for trade...nothing !  this break...finally...GOT IT !

that was just about it for my Boys in Blue.  everything else came from team 2, the angels.   hope you angel fans see something here you want (hint, hint)...

here's the base card AND green frame parallel of vlady

hint about the upcoming hit: it aint howie

2005 topps pristine legends was one of the other boxes in the break.   here's my lone Dodger from that box.  if pedro martinez ran into this incarnation of Zimmer, and not the 85 year-old version, i'm putting my money on this Zim to knock pedro on his skinny little fanny.

any joyner fans out there?  these would be great additions to a joyner collection.

finally, my hit.   the Dodgers had his big brother, jeff, who was pretty darn good in his own right.  presenting little brother, jered...

this is a very nice card.  well designed and a cool signature. 

that's my loot.  thanks for reading ATBATT everybody.


  1. congrats on the Koufax! a must-own for every Dodgers fan! also, I'd love to deal for the Weaver if it's available for dealing.

  2. Nice Koufax! It wouldn't happen to be trade bait, would it?

  3. Congrats, that Koufax is one of the best cards I've seen during my time as a blogger!

  4. very nice haul! i am working towards picking up a koufax auto - i agree with greg z!

  5. I already have a Koufax auto :)

    But, honestly, I didn't see anything you showed after that Sandy card.

  6. thanks everybody for those compliments. that koufax card is kickass !

    Dodgerbobble: Koufax is not for anything right now, except for presently being my most enjoyed card at the moment.

    gregz: u got first shot at that weaver auto. i responded in ur email.