Sunday, September 16, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 5 TTM Style

happy sunday, everybody.   my oakland raiders got shredded by reggie bush today, but besides that, there's baseball cards !

in today's post, im gonna riff off something inspired by another Dodger blogger, my buddy michael, over at Nomo's Sushi Platter .

my previous post was to remind myself there exists 'pure' cards that one can reasonably presume are not cons perpetrated by the sports card corporations - that's you topps and upper deck.  here are some autos that i can presume are not counterfeit.

 Spiegel posted about some cool TTM Dodger autos that he secured, so let's take a look at some TTM autos i caught myself.  Binder Page Heroes 5  TTM Style...

how about kirby puckett coming up big time and returning both cards i sent ! both with awesome sigs as well.  thanks kirby, wherever you are.  :)

here's one of those 93 stadium clubs that were featured in a recent group break.  beautiful cards.

here's another of my TTM bad asses. big mo stepped up big time by also signing and returning both cards i sent to him. thanks, mo ! 

this one might be my fave of all the autos.  kick ass photo ? check. mo lookin' like he just might use your head for a baseball? check. player utilizing the design of the card in his sig? check ! added squiggle bling under 'mo' ? check ! i'll bet big mo had fun signing this one. 

a disappointment on several levels.  my first mistake was sending an indians card to orel along with the Dodgers cards i sent.  at the time orel was pitching for the indians, so i thought, why not include one from his current team?  i made it pretty darn clear in my letter to him that i was a life long Dodgers fan and appreciated his time with the Dodgers.  thanks Orel, for only signing this one and ignoring the Dodgers cards.  and thanks also for not letting the ink dry and smudging the sig. dost i protest too much?

pure class

how about ramon using gold ink?  i like it.  in the blow up here, the auto looks spotty, but in reality, it looks great.  this one's a beaut. 

ventura was a bit of a disappointment.  apparently he used a micro tip marker and it just does not show well on the card at all.  here's a tip - if you send one of these high gloss cards from the 90's, rub off some of the gloss from the potential signature area, and that will help sharpie ink 'take' to the card much better.

i dig this auto of one of my favorite players.  too bad he was a padre.

that's all folks!  thanks for reading. 


  1. Hey, glad that I inspired someone for a post. Hahaha! Does Ramon Martinez still sign TTM? Did you get that return recently?

  2. i got all these autos back in the 90's. as a matter of fact, when i wrote to ramon, i mentioned to him that i cant wait for pedro to come up from AAA to the big club and then we would have a one,two martinez brothers punch in the rotation.

    alas, the Dodgers 'brains' of lasorda and claire traded him for the waste known as delino deshields, and the rest was history.

    i dont know if any of these guys still sign TTM.

  3. Very nice. I got Molly to sign Ttm but I don't think any of the others do anymore.

  4. Thanks. It seems real hit-or-miss with these guys, but i think it's worth the effort.

  5. Nice Pucketts. We were lucky enough to get him TTM once too.


  6. thanks, moe. i really treasure those pucketts.