Friday, September 14, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 4

did you all read that discouraging post over at Night Owl's about the faith in our hobby being shattered by the punks over at topps and upper deck who knowingly bought fraudulent 'game-used' jerseys, and then putting them out in the market for us to savor and chase like so many sheeple?
geez ! 

after reading that post, and becoming similarly as soured as N.O., i just had to go back to my collecting roots and post some cards that i can be fairly sure topps didnt pump out into the market knowing all along they were counterfeit.

Binder Page Heroes 4...Vintage Style

Back in the 90's, when i first started collecting, i read a book that was titled something along the lines of  '50 things to do if you want to make money with sport cards'.  one of those 50 suggestions was to buy cardboard of good ol' red, here.  i dutifully followed along, and i'm glad i did, as this is one cool old time card of an old time player.
62 topps dean chance keeps finding its way in and out of my collection.  i bought one long ago and then sold it.  i'll get one in a trade, trade it away and get another one back.  go figure.
(oops for the butcher scan job i did here.  i cut the end off of a couple of these.)  according to his card here, enos missed 3 seasons to fight in WWII, but he still put up some good numbers. it's a shame he missed those war years just as his power numbers were at their peak.  friggin hitler!
this one's a reprint, but i'm showing my collection as they appear in their binder pages, so we get this rp of richardson.  it's included in this binder page because his card fits the era, and it's an absolute work of art, with the iconic baseball hero posed before the wonder that was the modern american metropolis.  this is definitely one i would love to find the original of.
how cool is it to have your baseball card be card #1?  just ask early.
here's a guy that i'm collecting, but i cant really tell you the reason why.  you can trade his cards to me all day long. 
here's 'sweet lou' johnson's RC.  lou's career eventually brought him to L.A. where he became an old time dodgers favorite of mine. Lou came up big as a WS hero, and in Sandy Koufax's perfect game, both feats that i've written about in the past here in ATBATT.   you can see from the back here, sweet lou played for the KC monarchs, out of the old negro leagues.
hows about this nice hunka cardboard?  beautiful condition for being 56 years old.  i dont think i would mind too much if i look as good at 56.  and as thin in profile.  :)
yeh, it pains me on a certain level to have ANY black and orange dude in my collection, but he is 'the barber' after all, and he did eventually pitch for the Blue.  i gotta have one of his cards.  but c'mon topps, did you really have to write that last sentence there on the back of the card?

there you have it.  thanks for reading !


  1. Lots of great stuff there, my friend.

    Especially the Vernon. The one I have looks like a 55-year-old card should.

    1. when i'm 55, hope i dont look like a 55 yo should. :P
      thanks for the compliment, buddy.

  2. That is a cool Slaughter. I don't think of him much as a dirty Yankee.

    1. thanks, man. i only wish the scan was cleaner.