Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blogger Ice Bucket Challenge Main Page

Aloha readers, trade partners, and IBC participants,

Welcome to the central hub for showing our progress with the Ice Bucket Challenge, and for viewing our awesome photos and vids from our challenges. 

I first proposed the IBC on a post here.
It's worth noting that I'm not requiring anyone to donate any money, as a simple act of passing on kindness to another will do. 

If challenged, I'm asking that you use the comments section below to mention any act you did related to the challenge, or to post links to photos or vids of yourself taking the ice bucket part of the challenge. 

One person accepted my challenge - Jim, a long-time Dodger fan from the fun and informative blog Garvey Cey Russel Lopes.
Jim will be donating to the ALS Association and challenging others through a post at his blog, so be sure to keep reading GCRL and check out if you're one of the next to be challenged. 

The ATBATT Ice Bucket Challenge Scorecard

First run scored: 

2 runs:
Jim from Garvey Cey Russel Lopes
Jim is donating to the ALS Association. 

Please link any photos, vids or actions taken in comments below...
Thanks in advance to everyone who participates.


  1. I feel like your ALS ice bucket video should have been in black and white, accompanied by ragtime piano music. :-)

  2. finally posted…